The Next Apple Event 2024: what will Apple release in 2024? WWDC and beyond

WWDC 2024 is set for 10 June, with AI and software leading the fore. Will there be any unexpected reveals?

WWDC 2023
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The Apple events calendar is always stacked, with each year promising many new Apple products. And 2024 is no different, but of course. Indeed, we've already had new MacBook Air models hit the shelves, more iPads arrived in May (Pro and Air models), but it's 'The Big One' – WWDC, known as 'Dub Dub' – that'll be the big event of the year. 

Typically the Cupertino tech company hosts two major events each year – its worldwide developer conference, WWDC, in June; then the iPhone series launch in September – with additional mini-events or product drops happening in between that schedule, usually around March and October. 

Of course we're now in the era of 'spatial computing', with the Vision Pro being Apple's champion futuristic product. In the USA that went on sale from 2 February, but we're still awaiting worldwide roll-out – which should be officially announced as part of WWDC 2024 (although that's still a rumour).

So just what can we expect from the next Apple events? For WWDC the thinking is it'll be entirely ecosystem focused, with AI at the fore. There'll be new iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, maybe even a new homeOS and upgraded Siri with AI integration. So expect to hear 'artificial intelligence' a lot, plus the usual privacy and ethics discussions around that. 

Here's a full breakdown of what Apple will launch in 2024, what to expect from the next Apple Event, plus details of recent events and launches...

Next Apple Event 2024: what to expect?

Tim Cook at WWDC 2023

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WWDC: 10 June 2024 (confirmed)

The big one is official: WWDC 2024, or 'Dub Dub' as it's affectionately known, will kick off on Monday 10 June.

Exactly what WWDC 2024 will bring to the table, however, is still up for discussion. It's not expected to be product focused at all, though, with an expected push towards software details, artificial intelligence, and perhaps further Vision Pro integration. 

The initial invite reveal had suggested 'faster speeds', with a Swift emblem showing that Apple is going to focus on its coding language and bring Dub Dub back into being a developer-focused show.  

There's also rumour of tidbit hardware releases, with the possibility of new entry-level AirPods, ANC-toting AirPods 3 replacements, and maybe USB-C-donning AirPods Max – but chances are these will be held back for a later event reveal. 

And maybe, just maybe, Apple might 'do a Samsung' and tease its Apple Smart Ring fitness wearable too. Now that'd be one for the books – but also seems unlikely. 

Previous Apple Events: what's happened before?

iPad Pro and iPad Air revealed: 7 May 2024

Apple iPad Air M2

(Image credit: Future)

As per our live blog, Apple hosted its traditional spring launch event on Tuesday 7 May, with new tablets added to its best iPads lineup, along with new accessories.

The duo of updates comprised the all-new iPad Pro – with a new design, new dual OLED panel, and latest M4 processor – the updated iPad Air, plus an all-new iPad Pencil Pro

As you can see from the links above, we've reviewed the latest iPad kit on and it's jaw-dropping just how good the latest Apple slates are. 

M3 MacBook Air models revealed: 4 March 2024

MacBook Air (M3, 2024) review

(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

Not a true 'Event', per se, but Apple's internally revamped MacBook Air models, in both 13-inch and 15-inch form, gained the M3 chip. 

In the case of the 13-inch that means the M2 Air remains on sale, at a lower price, while the M3 Air sits above that. For the 15-inch, however, the M2 drops out of Apple's catalogue, leaving on the M3 Air 15-inch in the line-up of Apple's best MacBook options

Apple Vision Pro on sale: 2 February 2024

Apple Vision Pro

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Apple's Vision Pro, its revolutionary new headset, hit its launch schedule in the USA, going on sale from 2 February. There's no specific date for a worldwide launch, but that's expected to roll out before the next big Apple Event, WWDC 2024. 

'Scary Fast' M3, MacBook Pro & iMac: 30 October 2023

Apple Scary Fast event

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Breaking from its usual timing cycle, the 30 October 'Scary Fast' event took place later in the day – it was actually midnight UK time, effectively on the 31 October instead, hence the 'scary' play on Halloween.

1. M2 line-up

Revealed with a trio of new M3 chips, the M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max, which are available inside the new MacBook Pro 14 and 16 models, plus updated iMac. 

2. Updated MacBook Pro 14, 16 & iMac refresh

That's meant a very short life for M2 chips in the MacBook Pros – a mere nine months by my measure – before these new (same design) models have hit the market. An odd move, but the difference between M2 and M3 is more an architectural shift in design (the new silicon actually has a slightly slower clock speed).

3. New 'Space Black' finish

The biggest take away from this event? Honestly, it's the all-new Space Black finish for those MacBook Pro models, which looks gorgeous. Quite the contrast from the multi-colour palette options of iMac models (orange anyone?).

Apple Pencil USB-C: 17 October 2023

Not quite an 'event', per se, but Apple in mid-October did drop its latest and updated Apple Pencil with USB-C connection

There was rumour of new iPads, with a Mini expected, but that never came to fruition, so perhaps we'll see that in a future update...

Wonderlust: 12 September 2023

Apple event

(Image credit: Apple event)

The second major event in 2023 revealed an updated iPhone range for all four models, three Apple Watch upgrades, plus a switch to USB-C across the board.

1. Apple Watch Series 9

The key take-away from the new Apple Watch is that it's got a brighter screen, able to hit 2000 nits for some super-bright viewing. 

2. Apple Watch Ultra 2

But even more impressive is the second-gen Ultra, which goes one better with a 3000 nits maximum brightness – assuring its position as the ultimate outdoors watch in Apple's ecosystem.

3. iPhone 15 & iPhone 15 Plus

As is so often the case 'technology trickles down' – meaning the entry iPhone 15 models, in 6.1in and 6.7in sizes, each benefit from Dynamic Island instead of the old notch design. That brings them in line with the larger Pro and Pro Max models in that regard.

4. iPhone 15 Pro & iPhone 15 Pro Max

This is where things really step up: both the larger iPhone 15 models come in a Titanium finish, meaning a lighter and more durable body that sets them apart. That's not all, though, with the all-new A17 Pro chipset bringing more power to the table, and camera updates that add impressive hardware and software – especially when it comes to the Pro Max's 5x optical zoom configuration. 

5. AirPods 2 Pro / USB-C for all

Quietly introduced was also 'new' AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C rather than Lightning connector. Which is actually a universal change: the iPhone 15 series uses USB-C across the board, as that's now the standard that Apple is working with. A small but key change.

WWDC 2023: 6 June 2023

Tim Cook at Apple Event

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A truly bumper issue of 'Dub Dub', the June event was really packed with tonnes of product reveals. Here's a rundown:

1. Apple Vision Pro

The 'one more thing' at the show, Apple's augmented reality headset looks to reinvent a category. It certainly looks the part and people have been blown away by early demos. It won't arrive until early 2024, however, so there's a long road yet. And, despite its $3,499 asking price, you can anticipate this one to be a sellout too...

2. 15-inch MacBook Air

This was the most expected hardware: a new 15-inch MacBook Air size, complete with Apple's M2 silicon. 

3. Apple Silicon: M2 Ultra

With M2, M2 Pro and M2 Max already under its belt, it was time for Apple to step up the power potential with M2 Ultra: which is effectively two M2 Max die paired together in tandem, complete with up to 192GB unified memory. Nothing is more powerful. 

4. New Apple Studio

The first desktop Mac to make benefit of the new silicon? Apple Studio, of course, with M2 Max or M2 Ultra options available. 

5. New Apple Mac Pro 

The 'Cheese Grater' returns! Apple's most powerful Mac ever, shipping with M2 Ultra only – and at quite an asking price. It answers the 'pro' call at every turn, though, that's for sure. 

6. iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS Sonoma

Seeing as WWDC stands for 'worldwide developer's conference' it's always the spot where new software is previewed, before going into developer beta, then public beta, then arriving in 'Q3' to coincide with new iPhone launches. There are lots of new iOS 17 features, and new iPadOS 17 upgrades, not to mention a new macOS name

Earlier Apple Events:

18 January 2023

Like busses, you never get one arrive at once: just a day after the M2 Pro and M2 Max reveal, Apple also lifted the lid on its second-gen HomePod smart speaker

17 January 2023

Another 'not an event' event, this early 2023 reveal was still an important date in the Apple timeline. The company announced its M2 Pro and M2 Max updates, introducing the systems in MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch updated (the latter reviewed here and oh my it's a powerhouse). The same treatment was given to the Mac Mini, now also with upgraded M2 Pro/Max innards, making for a much more desirable miniature desktop computer. 

18 October 2022

Ok, so this one wasn't an 'event', per se, as Apple chose to quietly release its updated iPad with M2 processor and Apple TV 4K update. The kind of products that sell plenty, but would have busied the earlier September launch too much.

7 September 2022 Apple 'Far Out' Event

This was a bumper show, revealing four iPhones: the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Not content with just that, Apple also went all-in on Apple Watch, with Series 8, SE 2 and Ultra all appearing as a total new diversification of the wearables range. Sound like enough? Nope! There was also AirPods Pro 2 to cap things off. 

6 June 2022 Apple Event

Apple's developer conference, WWDC, nicknamed 'Dub-Dub' by many, spilled the beans on its new M2 silicon, showed us an all-new MacBook Air, and presented a boatload of software features coming in iOS 16, watchOS 9, and macOS 13 (Ventura).

8 March 2022 Apple Event

The previous Apple event was on 8th March 2022, where Apple announced a whole host of new products, ranging from the iPhone SE 3, updated iPad Air (5th Gen), new Mac Studio and Studio Display, to a new green colour for the iPhone 13.

18 October 2021 Apple Event

At this event, Apple announced a couple of products with dramatic redesigns. The MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch models stole the show, thanks to their ultra-powerful M1 Pro and M1 Max processors, and stunning mini-LED screens. It also launched the much-improved 3rd version of the AirPods, and announced new funky colours for the HomePod mini.

14 September 2021 Apple Event

Apple announced the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, plus the totally redesigned iPad mini 6, and the improved iPad 10.2-inch (9th Gen). The Apple Watch Series 7 also brought a subtle redesign with a larger screen.

7 June 2021 WWDC Apple Event

Apple announced updates to the software for all of its products (from Mac to AirPods to iPhone to HomePod) at this event. It also discussed iCloud+, and new plan that includes cloud storage as well as innovative new privacy features for your Apple devices.

20 April 2021 Apple Event

This jam-packed Apple event included the long-awaited AirTags, the iPad Pro (2021) with Apple M1 chip, the 24-inch iMac also with the M1, the new Apple TV 4K (2021), and a fetching new purple hue for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini.

10 November 2020 Apple Event

At this event, Apple launched the first products made with its own Apple M1 processor: the MacBook Air (M1, 2020), the MacBook Pro 13-inch (M1, 2020) and Mac Mini (M1, 2020). It also revealed the release date of the latest macOS version.

13 October 2020 Apple Event

Lucky for many, this event included the launch of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models, as well as the HomePod mini. As mentioned above, it was unusual for the iPhone to revealed in October, and we don't expect this to repeat.

15 September 2020 Apple Event

This event was big on Apple Watch, with the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE both appearing for the first time. The new-look iPad Air (2020) was also unveiled.

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