These are the new features coming to iOS 16

The iPhone is going to get these big changes in iOS 16 – here are the biggest changes coming

iOS 16 lock screen
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Apple kicked off its WWDC 2022 with a deep dive into the new features coming to iOs 16 for the iPhone. There are tons of features this year with a main focus on personalization. 

The beauty of these iOS 16 features is that they won't just benefit those looking to buy the next iPhone 14, but they will also be available on older iPhones. You'll still have to wait until it launches in September but the changes will transform your phone for the better. 

It wasn't just on the phone though. The new features span the iOS to the Smart Home and the car, in the form of an incredible next-generation Car Play, coming in 2023. 

Here are the biggest changes coming in iOS 16. 

WWDC 2022

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1. New lock screen

As somewhat expected, the lock screen for iOS 16 is getting a major overhaul. Taking queues from the Apple Watch, the new lock screen can be personalized, including adding filters and lock styles. 

Widgets can now appear directly on the lock screen, much like those on the Apple Watch, providing easy summaries of temperature, calendar, exercise rings etc. You can also have multiple favorite lock screens saved to choose from (like those watch faces). 

A new wallpaper gallery provides options such as a photo shuffle and suggested photos to place on your lock screen, and you can add depth by placing the clock behind a portrait on your screen. 

WWDC 2022

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2. Messages

Three main changes coming to messages should really help. The ability to edit sent messages will allow you to change those typos after sending, while the undo send lets you easily recall a message you didn't mean to send. There's also the ability to mark messages as unread, so you can remember to come back to them. 

Messages also now incorporates SharePlay, allowing you to join a watch party from within message. Dictation functionality have been enhanced to easily switch between keyboard and voice for messages and automatic punctuation. Meanwhile, improvements  to visual look up allows you to drag subjects out of images and straight into messages for sharing. 

WWDC 2022

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3. Maps

The new enhanced Apple Maps are due to be rolled out in 11 more countries and territories this year, as well as lots more cities – including Las Vegas. The big change here though is the addition of multi-stop routing. This will allow you to create routes on your desktop and copy them over to your phone and watch, and will save previous routes too. 

WWDC 2022

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4. Family sharing

There's lots of new features for those using family sharing across the Apple devices in their home. The ability to set ages restrictions and parental controls has been made easier, and there's a family checklist to review at anytime. Screen requests from users will come directly and can be confirmed in messages. 

Photo sharing now gets its own iCloud library that you can share across your family group, with the ability to easily combine photos into single galleries for events. There are also options to share photos to the shared library straight from the camera. 

CarPlay next generation

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5. CarPlay

CarPlay gave us a glimpse into the future, as this isn't something that is coming with the launch of iOS 16. Instead, in 2023 the next generation of CarPlay will deeply integrate with your vehicle, allowing it to display everything from speedometers and drive settings, to climate control. It will even allow to to customize the placement of widgets on your dashboard and the color and style of the display. 

All this essentially turns any car into an Apple car. Is this a glimpse of what the Apple Car will offer, or a move to controlling every car? We'll have to wait and see. 

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