WWDC 2024 recap: Apple Intelligence, smarter Siri, iOS 18 updates and more

Apple Intelligence (AI) is the flavour of this year's 'Dub Dub'

If you missed out on watching WWDC 2024 live then the show has now wrapped – and it was the bumper software and AI showcase, just as expected and detailed in our live blog. 

In addition to Apple Vision Pro being revealed to wider markets, the biggest take-away is that Apple's version of 'AI' will be 'Apple Intelligence' (rather than artificial intelligence) – coming as part of iOS, iPadOS and macOS rollouts. 

Here's a summary of the biggest stories from the WWDC presentation on 10 June: 

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Apple's biggest conference of the year is here once again. WWDC 2024 – the company's worldwide developer's conference, otherwise known as 'Dub Dub' to many – is back and taking place at the company's Cupertino headquarters later today. 

The T3 team will be here all day to live blog in the run-up to the event – which kicks off at 18:00 BST (that's 10:00 PDT / 13:00 EDT), here's how to watch live – to cover all the rumours, tidbits, expectations and, of course, the actual event itself for a quick-fire summary of all the new Apple software and goodies forthcoming. So stay tuned!

First up, however, is to point out that no hardware is expected. No iPhones, no iPads, no Macs, no physical shiny goodies at all are anticipated. Crucially, however, it's the software that powers all those devices which is going to have its big day, with a push into artificial intelligence (AI) anticipated, among the usual iOS 18, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and other operating system updates. 


The countdown commences...

WWDC 2024

(Image credit: Apple)

So, good morning Apple fans! Mike Lowe here, T3's Tech Editor, to kick things off, while the whole T3 team gears up for the big event tonight. In just 10 hours we'll be in the thick of it.

But hopefully we won't need to trudge through it. Unlike many Apple WWDC events, which tend to focus on hardware too, this year it's believed there's going to be a lot of deep-dive into artificial intelligence and, I would suspect, ethics surrounding the topic – in a similar way to how Google handled the topic with its I/O event. 

The only hardware I'm really expecting isn't a reveal, per se, rather an availability announcement: it's strongly anticipated that Apple's Vision Pro will be announced with international on-sale dates. Which is still a pretty big deal, of course.

So let's see what is uncovered throughout the day prior to the event kicking off proper, with Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, expected on stage (or perhaps via video stream, which seems a common theme now)...

The whole "Apple doesn't do AI" thing

Apple M1 chip

(Image credit: Apple)

While today's showcase is a big opportunity for Apple to go big on its own AI software endeavours, I keep hearing reference that "Apple doesn't do AI". 

Wrong! The buzzer shows a big red cross! Apple does indeed use AI in all kinds of applications. Think about Portrait mode in the iPhone cameras – that uses subject recognition and machine learning algorithms to apply computationally rendered bokeh effects. All of which is AI – just without anyone shouting those two key acronym letters from the rooftops. 

And let's not forget: Apple's own silicon, with its Neural Engine, is literally hardware designed for AI processes. That's the equivalent of a Neural Processing Engine, or NPU, something that's been appearing in chip architecture for many years – in the iPhone the A11 Bionic chip featured a Neural Engine and that was seven years ago, in 2017! On-device hardware with M-series also features significant Neural Engine power. 

So WWDC today is about Apple making a statement. It's got the hardware in place and there's obviously more to come. The next step is leveraging that with tangible software features and the right marketing that'll have everyone shouting about 'Apple AI' or whatever various layers its programmes will be called. It's the necessary move, too, given how deep Google and other major players have already been in pronouncing their AI strategies. 

HomeKit and HomeOS rumours

homeOS rumour from MacRumors

(Image credit: MacRumors)

While WWDC attracts the usual faces – Apple invites its usual inner circle from around the globe to Cupertino each year – but there are some newcomers and additions this year. Which is notable because they're outside of the typical areas of publishing. 

Brett.Tech, as one example, is a renowned smart home TikTok creator. Yep, smart home may have its day, people! One of his posts covers the rumours around homeOS, which hasn't been widely discussed.

♬ Lo-fi hip hop - NAO-K

He predicts that with improvements to Siri, HomeKit and iOS that an upgraded and AI-capable smart home would be feasible – one that would contextually learn your behaviours from your iPhone and reduce the need to programme specific automation.

iOS 18 has already leaked

iPhone 15 Pro Max

(Image credit: Future)

Well, that didn't take long did it? As summarised in this morning's T3 news story: "a huge leak has revealed the key new features Siri will be getting in iOS 18, including app and system settings control, smart features such as AI-generated email and news summaries".

The leak comes from AppleInsider and highlights new features coming to Apple's core apps, which includes Books, Calendar, Camera, Contacts, Files, Freeform, Keynote, Mail, News, Notes, Reminders, and Safari. Each of those and more apps will be getting the AI treatment. 

That sounds like your iPhone 15 Pro Max will be getting a free upgrade then, as surely iOS 18 will leverage current hardware and bring AI updates to the existing range of the best iPhones? I reckon so. Check out T3's iOS 18 leak story for more information on what each app is said to add with the power of AI. 

App locking via Face ID

Face ID

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

As part of that iOS 18 leak, there's one new feature that I reckon parents are going to love: app locking via Face ID should be coming to iOS 18 and iPadOS. 

The rumour suggests that you'll be able to lock specific apps behind a Face ID "shield" to prevent other people from accessing content or apps you don't want them to access. Ideal if you're a parent handing a phone over to your kids, let's say. 

Or perhaps you just want to add an additional layer of security to specific apps. Sure, at the moment you can lock down in certain ways: by creating hidden apps in Photos, locking up your Recently Deleted photos album, or hiding things in Notes. But a new Face ID layer would be more customisable and easier to use. 

So how will this work? Check out T3's news story from this morning, detailing how a new Face ID security layer addition in iOS 18 will function.

Show me the hardware

Apple vision Pro

(Image credit: Future)

For all the talk of AI, however, I do hope Apple doesn't completely forego hardware. By which I mean: please release the Vision Pro to wider markets (i.e. the UK).

I would bet that this will be on the cards, though. After all, we've waited over four months since the product's release in the USA – and all has been quiet. 

Not that the reviews have been as quiet: critics and customers alike have pointed out peak positives and questionable negatives in Apple's wearable 'spatial computing' product.

There's no doubt it's an innovation: indeed, Vision Pro netted a T3 2024 Award, so while the review round-ups have been mixed (and hint at a second- or third-gen model being amazing), there's no doubt that this product is the first in many years to excite to such a degree

So besides the iOS 18 new features and more advanced Siri, I'm awaiting a Vision Pro rollout – perhaps with some new additional features by virtue of those software upgrades. We'll know by the end of the day either way.

Here's why we might see hardware

Apple M4 silicon

(Image credit: Apple)

Good morning all, it's Mat Gallagher here with you for the next few hours. Before I change into my special Apple Park T-shirt ready for tonight's event, I'm going to be sharing news and rumours in the runup. 

The big question for tonight seems to be, will there be hardware? Google I/O ditched its hardware section this year and so there are rumours that Apple might do the same. While it would certainly make sense, given the potential amount of AI there is to talk about, I think there's still a case that we might get some hardware. Here's why. 

The M4 silicon chip was introduced just over a month ago, and now sits exclusively in the iPad Pro models. Though no one will say it, that means that the iPad Pro is more powerful than the MacBook Air and base-level MacBook Pro machines. 

So, an update to those machines – bringing them up to M4 chips – would make sense. It's likely to be a simple update and leave nothing else changed on the device, but it would make sense at this stage. 

Then there's the case for the M4 Pro, M4 Max and even the M4 Ultra chips. These would likely follow for the higher-end MacBook Pro models and the Mac Studio devices. Last year at WWDC 2023, the M2 Ultra was revealed with these updates, so maybe we'll see a repeat. 

Home is where the heart is

FaceTime on Apple TV

(Image credit: Apple)

While there will of course be a focus on what AI can do for the iPhone and the Mac, where it's likely to get really interesting is in the home. Apple has the ecostructure in place for a great smart home system, but it's never really taken off. 

Right now you can use the HomePod speakers with the Apple TV and tie it all into to Apple's Home app to control these and most other smart devices. However, i'd love to see this do more, and hopefully with this update it will. 

I've been wishing for Apple to release more of a home hub device for sometime – a form of HomePod with an iPad attached – and a dedicated Home OS could pave the way for that. 

Apple Swag

Looks like some interesting swag from Infinite Loop for all those attending. Sofia on X has been showing the selection of pin badges, T-Shirt and water bottle for those that arrived yesterday for the Apple Design Award.

How many times will the presenters say AI?

Apple Event 7th May

(Image credit: Future / Mat Gallagher)

As this year's WWDC is likely to be pretty AI heavy, there's a chance the term AI will be said a lot. At Google I/O this year the term was apparently used over 120 times in its two hour presentation. Will Apple beat that? 

With its neural engine on board, Apple has been talking about AI, without talking about AI for many years, so maybe there won't be quite the same need to badge everything with the term as we've seen in other events. But then again...

An upgrade for everyone

Apple Beta Software

(Image credit: Apple)

The advantage of an OS update as opposed to a new product is that everyone with a reasonably current device will benefit from it. All the new features mentioned today will of course be available on brand new devices in September, but they will also be available on your current iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch etc. 

After today Beta versions of the software will start to become available and Apple now makes it easy for anyone that wants to, to try out a Beta version. In your software updates panel on your device, there will be a Beta updates option. If you turn this on, you'll be able to download the latest Beta edition. 

Being a Beta rather than final version can mean that not everything works perfectly, and you might get the odd glitch. However, Apple's public Betas have been pretty stable and so as long as you're all backed up, there's no reason not to give it a try. Just remember, it's not quite as simple to switch back. 

More to Mac?

MacBook Pro 16 inch

(Image credit: Future)

Good afternoon, tech fans! T3's beloved Staff Writer, Sam Cross, here to take you through to the first pitter patter's of technological tidbits.

Personally, I'm excited for a new MacOS offering. The MacBook is just about the only Apple product left in my daily tech bag, and I'm interested to see what can be done to improve on the form.

Last time out, MacOS 14 brought us widgets and improvements to the video conferencing software, as part of a more gentle upgrade. With rumours of a general clean up of the menu system, better Siri and a more gamer-focussed edge, it looks like it could be another modest – but important – step for the system.

A special launch for a special year?

Apple Park

(Image credit: Unsplash / Carles Rabada)

The sun is just about rising on the Californian coast, with the lucky few invited to attend in person ready to drink their coffee, eat their cereal and head on down to Apple Park.

One thing I've been thinking about recently is the potential for an anniversary Mac of some kind. This year marks 40 years since the original Macintosh, and I'd be surprised if there wasn't at least a passing nod to that triumph.

My dream of a modern iMac in a retro case? Well, that may be a little too much to ask...

About to heat up?

iPhone 15 in pink product pic

(Image credit: Future)

While many are looking forward to the new AI branded features expected on the iPhone, it may also prove to be a cause for concern. That's according to renowned Apple insider, Mark Gurman, who tweeted ahead of his arrival at the conference.

Gurman suggests that some of the features may be "especially buggy", with users advised – more now than ever before – to be cautious installing the software too quickly on their main device.

It will certainly be interesting to see just how much of what is on show becomes available right away.

If my calculations are correct...

iPad Pro

(Image credit: Apple)

Let's stay with Mr Gurman for a moment, as we dive into an exciting feature said to be coming to the iPad lineup. This is a long-awaited feature which is almost certain to please users.

Yes folks, the popular Apple inside man has confirmed that a Calculator app will come to the device for the first time. It has been a notable admission from the tablet range since its inception, and the brand seem to have finally come to their senses on that front.

According to the report, the same overall interface used on the current iPhone app will make its way to the iPad and the MacBook.

It's the final countdown

An image shared by Apple CEO Tim Cook on Twitter, showing Apple Park at sunrise

(Image credit: Tim Cook)

One important attendee of today's event is already at Apple Park bright and early. The brand's CEO, Tim Cook, has shared an image on Twitter of the sun rising over the iconic building.

It has become something of a tradition at these events, with the top man taking to Twitter to build some excitement as the sun starts to beam down on the show.

We'll all be waiting patiently to see what Apple has cooked up for us this time out.

Will we get a new Apple TV 4K?

Apple TV 4K

(Image credit: Apple)

Hi, news editor Rik here now to take us closer to the event.

One of the more persistent rumours of recent times is that we'll be getting a new Apple TV box soon – after all, the current Apple TV 4K was released at the end of 2022.

Sadly, it's doubtful we'll get a hardware refresh quite yet – the existing model is still widely considered to be among the best streaming devices – but there could well be some new features coming for the 64GB and 128GB variants.

Apple tvOS 18 will likely benefit from some of the new AI capabilities Apple is set to announce – possibly when it comes to Siri's search functionality. And, if homeOS does launch, it could affect how the Apple TV works with your smart home.

Either way, we don't have too long to wait to find out now.

In other Apple news...

Apple iPhone 16 Pro mock-up

(Image credit: UniverseIce)

While we're not likely to hear much about future iPhones, bar the software they will be running (iOS 18), a leak from a trustworthy source has revealed something interesting about the forthcoming iPhone 16 series.

Ice Universe claims to have found out that the iPhone 16 Pro models will come with the thinnest screen bezels of any phone ever!

It's a bold statement, but he says that the iPhone 16 Pro will have a 1.2mm bezel, while the Pro Max will have an even slimmer surround – 1.15mm. That's a 0.51mm and  0.4mm reduction year-on-year respectively.

It could allow Apple to slightly increase the screen size or even reduce the girth of the handsets themselves.

We won't find out for sure until September though, when the handsets traditionally launch.

Who's watching the watchOS?

Apple Watch Ultra 2

(Image credit: Rik Henderson / Future)

Although there have been plenty of leaks on iOS 18 and Apple's AI plans, we've not heard anywhere near as much on the new watchOS.

That might be because Apple doesn't plan to add much this year, when it releases watchOS 11. Indeed, Bloomberg's Apple expert, Mark Gurman, claims it'll just be a "fairly minor" update – certainly in comparison with new system software for other devices.

It is tipped instead that the company will announce a bigger refresh of its Apple Watch lineup later this year, with the hardware being reconfigured in some way. That could include the long-awaited Apple Watch X.

"Thank you for being here..."

WWDC 2024 at Apple Park

(Image credit: Filip Molčan / X)

No matter how enthusiastic you are to watch the WWDC keynote (which is now just an hour-and-a-half away) you are unlikely to be as enthusiastic as the staff at Apple Park.

If only we were greeted every day like developer Filip Molčan was when he arrived earlier.

Make sure you make a cup of coffee... or tea... or gin!

Cup of coffee lifestyle image

(Image credit: L.D.I.A / Unsplash)

Although Apple hasn't officially said how long its keynote presentation will last, last year's event ran for over two hours and the calendar invite added by the official site does hint that we could be in for a similar stretch. Just make sure you've got a coffee or another beverage lined up before it starts.

Admittedly, we did get some new Mac devices and the Apple Vision Pro, last year, so there was arguably more to talk about. But I wouldn't be surprised if the new AI stuff takes up an hour on its own.

Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as... Apple Parklife

WWDC 2024 - Infinite Loop

(Image credit: Taylor Carrigan / X)

Last year's WWDC was held outside at Apple Park and it seems this year's will be too. The staging looks very similar to the one used for WWDC 23.

That's according to an image posted on X by Apple designer, Taylor Carrigan. It looks like it's a beautiful day in Cupertino anyway, so I can certainly see why.

Wozzat? Is Wozniak making a return?

If you've followed Apple's history then you'll know that Steve Wozniak, Apple co-creator, effectively departed the company back in 1985...

...yet various shots of who appears to be Wozniak at Cupertino have surfaced in the last few hours and that leaves the big question: what is Wozniak up to?

He's well known for his philanthropist views, indeed his Twitter/X profile begins: "Engineers first! Human rights." So perhaps this is Apple's play in the whole AI and ethics debate. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough...

Ai, ai ai! It's Sam Altman of OpenAI

Well, if you needed any more confirmation that this Dub Dub was going to be any more focused on AI then here you have it: Sam Altman, the (is-he-isn't-he?) CEO of OpenAI, which created ChatGPT, is in the building. Well, outside the building, to be pernickety. 

Whether that means there's an OpenAI tie-in with Apple, or a new venture, or something entirely unrelated isn't yet clear. Just be prepared for the 'AI counter' to go into overdrive during the presentation, I think we can all be clear on that...

So who will benefit from this expected AI upgrade?

iPhone SE 2022 review

(Image credit: Future)

But back to the actual products for a moment. With iOS 18 expected to roll out for the assumed iPhone 16 launch event around September, will only new hardware purchases benefit from new AI features?

Apparently not. MacRumors has a list of all the supposedly compatible iOS 18 devices – and there are plenty! The list goes all the way back to XR and XS models, meaning from the iPhone 11 onwards you're golden for an update. Even the second- and third-generation iPhone SE models are said to benefit. 

Exactly how that'll work is up for question, however, as there's a lot of different hardware running on those various models. That means differing limitations for on-device processing, which will either mean certain AI features have to be cloud-based and that others may not run as well on older hardware – but I'm sure Apple will be clear about whether it's a one benefit for all update or not. 

Tick tock, it's almost time, so here's a WWDC 2024 summary of expectations

WWDC 2024 invite

(Image credit: Apple)

Only 5 minutes to go until the big event gets underway, so here's a quick recap of what to expect from WWDC 2024:

1. No hardware expected, it's all thought to be software focused.

1b. Caveat to that likely to be an international launch date for Apple Vision Pro.

2. iOS 18 and other operating systems (iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, etc) to get embedded AI feature advances.

2b. iOS 18 expected to roll out with iPhone 16 series from September, but backwards compatibility now expected (whether with all AI features or not is TBC).

3. homeOS rumours suggest a big push in HomeKit and Siri integrations for smart home automations. But that could be nothing but a false rumour!

4. A smarter Siri: Apple's voice assistant, while useful, has so much room for improvement. And if Apple is going to leverage large language models (LLMs) and make Siri even smarter with the power of AI then now is the time. 

4b. Could that possibly maybe mean a new HomePod? No, I said no hardware, so don't expect it. 

5. Get your AI counter at the ready. You're going to hear "AI" muttered at least a couple of hundred times over the next two hours. Best prepare yourself...

Apple TV+


(Image credit: Apple)

Wowsers, Apple TV+ is now 5 years old. It was a T3 Awards winner last year, as the best streaming service. And look how it continues to soar.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, from atop Apple's HQ – literally, he's on the roof presenting – is showing off the showcase of what's forthcoming for the service. 

From Severance to Wolfs, Bad Money to Shrinking, and plenty more besides, there's a lot of Apple TV+ original content to come this year. 

All the OS announcements!

Apple Vision Pro worn at London Fashion Week

(Image credit: Christian Vierig / Getty Images)

Apple Vision Pro first arrived in February and it's got some updates coming for its visionOS. Here's what to expect from visionOS 2. Yep, the second-gen operating system is coming. 

Photos. Spatial computing has reinvented how you view your photos, apparently. With the photos already in your library you can create a left- and right-eye view for full three-dimensional viewing. 

Mac integration. You can bring your Mac into your visionOS workflow, but an update will bring a higher resolution and larger virtual display within the OS.  

Travel mode. Apple is adding 'train mode' in addition to the existing 'plane mode', so you can use your Vision Pro on the go -- something that was previously a problem on trains due to GPS.

That's the summary. But as a side note for spatial video: Canon has created a special 3D lens for its EOS R7 camera. Pretty high-end stuff, but if you're serious about three-dimensional VR/AR and spatial video then it's one clear option. 

Vision Pro international rollout, finally!

Apple Vision Pro

(Image credit: Apple)

Yay, the Vision Pro will be coming to the UK and some other EU territories on 12 July. 

In some other regions, such as China and Singapore, it's even sooner, from 28 June. 

No pricing or further info just yet, but an expected announcement has come true. 

All about that iOS

WWDC 2024

(Image credit: Apple)

Yes, iOS 18 is coming. Here are some of the new features to expect:

Customisation: Tweak colours and implement a new dark mode for your home screen and Control Center as you please. 

Control Center: 'Controls Gallery' added, meaning developers can offer control widgets from their apps -- and you can choose them if you wish. It's a bit like Widgets in Android. 

Privacy: A new way to protect sensitive apps by adding Lock an App. If someone else using your phone tries to open a locked app it'll require additional verification. You can also Hide an App in a new hidden apps folder, which is also locked. Contacts can also be segmented so you can control which apps see which contact books. 

Messages: Tapbacks has been redesigned, with any emoji or sticker now available. Schedule Send is also being added. Text Formatting: bold, italicise or strikethru any text. Text Effects, such as nod, bounce, ripple, enhance the visual tone. Messages via Satellite is added for texting when off the grid, using iMessage with end-to-end encryption. 

Mail: On Device Categorization adds breakdowns, from Primary to Updates, Promotions and more -- much like Gmail already offers on Android. 

Maps: new topographic maps added and which can be saved to your phone. 

Wallet: Tap to Cash introduced, a way to privately pay other Apple users in proximity. 

Journal: adds an Insights view. And use search to find entries you're looking for. 

Game Mode is coming to iPhone. Just like on Mac, Game Mode minimised background alerts. 

Photos: iOS 18 brings the biggest redesign ever to the app. It's designed to keep your library organised. The app has been unified into a single view: a single view at the top and your library at the bottom. You can use the 'months' and 'years' views at the bottom to quickly narrow down and further filter (including screenshots segregation). Collections added for Time, People, My Favorite, Trips and other selections. Recent Days brings an autoplay view at the top, and filters out screenshots, receipts and other uninteresting admin. 

AirPods upgrade

Apple AirPods Pro review

(Image credit: Future)

An enhanced Siri experience is coming. 

A gentle nod or shake of the head allows you to respond without needing to say anything. Great for when it busy places where you don't want to be heard. 

Voice Isolation is coming to AirPods Pro. This delivers improved call quality by removing the background noise around you.

Personalised Spatial Audio expands so games and other content. Need For Speed Mobile will be the first to feature it, coming later this year. 

Audio and visual upgrades

WWDC 2024

(Image credit: Apple)

There are some updates coming to Apple TV, too, with a new feature called Insight showing you who's starring. It's similar to what Amazon offers with its X-Ray feature. 

With tvOS there are new audio enhancements, too, with voice enhancement processing available and more advanced subtitles options. 

Apple is also adding a 21:9 format for projectors, so if that's how you watch you'll get an as-the-director-intended view.

watchOS 11

WWDC 2024

(Image credit: Apple)

For Apple Watch the new software adds Training Load to deliver data and insights to avoid overtraining. A feature that many competitors have offered for many years, so about time Apple added this.

Rings can now also be paused. Whether you're in recovery, taking a day off, or whatever other reason, you can continue to maintain your 'Rings closed' streak without the shame. 

Separately there's a new Vitals app, which is a way to quick view your metrics and context around your typical ranges.

iPadOS 18

Apple iPad Pro M4

(Image credit: Future)

The iPad version of iOS 18, ultimately, brings the same updates as mentioned for that software. But there's more, of course, as it's specifically for iPad. 

First up there's a new floating tab bar. It's a redesigned experience that works with apps across the system, making access to your favourites easier than ever. It can morph into the side bar and back to floating as needed.

SharePlay. You can tap and draw on your screen to point out what they should do on theirs. Remote control over other users' iPad or iPhone also available. 

Calculator. Yes, calc comes to iPad. It's updated to take advantage of the larger display. But this also adds Apple Pencil compatibility with a new feature called Math Notes: you can scrawl notes on page and the app will automatically work out the results in real-time -- and in your handwriting too. 

Notes: adds Smart Script for handwriting to recreate your handwriting style from your notes, but it enhances and makes it more legible as you go. You can even paste text in your handwriting style. 


WWDC 2024

(Image credit: Apple)

'The next chapter of our journey of productivity and creativity'. But everyone wants to know what it's called, right? Well, it's Sequoia. Yep, the hardest-to-say OS name ever!

Continuity: when you use Apple products together and they automatically hand over between devices. Sequoia brings iPhone Mirroring which, as the name says, brings the iPhone into your desktop. You can also bring notifications from iPhone apps onto your Mac. Your iPhone remains locked during this process so nobody else can access it. 

Video conferencing: new Presenter Preview allows you to preview what you're about to share before you share it. 

Keychain to manage passwords: the Passwords app makes it easy to access your credentials and have them secured all in one place.

Safari browser: alleges to be 'the world's fastest browser', with improved battery life for video streaming. Highlights adds summaries and contextual additions around searches -- directions and address when viewing a hotel, for example. Viewer helps to add videos front and centre, with picture-in-picture view too. 

More games coming to Mac

WWDC 2024

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple silicon hardware and the Metal 3 behind the scenes is gathering pace and developers are coming to Mac. 

Ubisoft is one example, with Assassin's Creed: Shadows will becoming to Mac and even iPad. Expect more AAA titles to come in the future.

'Personal Intelligence' goes beyond Artificial Intell