Apple Vision Pro just got a whopping free upgrade which is going to change your photo library forever

The announcement was just made as part of VisionOS 2 at WWDC 2024

Apple Vision Pro
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The Apple Vision Pro is getting a neat free upgrade as confirmed at WWDC 2024.

The new VisionOS 2 software will make a massive difference to your image library, bringing spatial imagery into the mainstream.

Well, the day is finally here folks! Apple's WWDC 2024 event is live, with Cupertino's finest bringing all of their latest and greatest technology to the fore.

They certainly didn't start slow. Jumping straight into VisionOS – the operating system for the Apple Vision Pro – we were treated to the first look at VisionOS 2.

That brings two main feature updates which should make life easier for the lucky few who get to use them. First up, there's a new feature which is going to absolutely transform your photo library.

One of the major selling points of the Vision Pro is the ability to view spatial images. Those are captured from two angles, to provide a more lifelike 3D render when you view it later on.

However, that isn't the easiest thing to capture. Most of us are still capturing 2D images, which seem a little redundant on that device.

Now, the Vision Pro will be able to identify left- and right-sided parts of an image, rendering in 3D from a 2D starting point. That means that any of your 2D images can be viewed on the Apple Vision Pro as a spatial image.

It's not the only new thing. There is also an update to the virtual display when using a connected MacBook device.

Users will have a higher display resolution and size available later this year. The result will be the equivalent of 2x 4k monitors sat side-by-side in an ultrawide format. There's no word on exactly when that will drop just yet.

However, there is now a date for the device to launch in other markets around the world. For those of us here in the UK, that date is the 12th of July. That's a big deal – be sure to mark your calendars!

And that's only the first part of the show? Crazy. Be sure to watch WWDC 2024 live to keep on top of the other new announcements.

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