Apple Vision Pro UK release date and price confirmed – here's when it'll be available globally

Apple is finally ready to release its mixed reality headset outside the US

Apple Vision Pro worn at London Fashion Week
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The Apple Vision Pro will finally be available in the UK and other European countries from 12 July 2024.

Apple announced a wider rollout for its mixed reality headset during the WWDC 2024 keynote address in Cupertino, California.

Apple has announced that its Vision Pro mixed reality headset will be available to buy outside the US at last.

Almost a year to the day since it first announced the headset, Apple revealed that it will be coming to global markets from 28 June during this year's WWDC presentation. Pre-orders start on 13 June.

That's the launch date for Singapore, Japan and China. It'll also be available in the UK, Germany, France, Australia and Canada from 12 July 2024 with pre-orders opening in those countries on 28 June.

The Apple Vision Pro was officially launched at last year's event and was released in the States at the beginning of February. It starts at $3,499 over there and will be the equivalent price in the UK, from £3,499, so is a super high-end, premium device in comparison, say, to the Meta Quest 3.

It is also a tad different to the other best VR headsets out there as its augmented reality capabilities are on another level.

While it is capable of playing VR games and utilities, its primary selling point is that it mixes the virtual with real-world visuals more capably than most. The Micro-OLED display offers a crisp clean view of your surroundings, while you interact with apps and specially-designed software.

Indeed, some are using their Apple Vision Pro headsets when travelling or even on the street. It comes with a travel mode, in fact, that allows you to use the device when on a plane, for example. Some airlines are even loaning them to passengers when they fly.

The Apple Vision Pro runs on an Apple M2 chip and can come with up to 1TB of on-board storage. There a unique R1 chip installed too, for real-time processing at superfast speeds – thereby reducing latency.

The Micro-OLED display features a 23 million pixel count, equating to a staggering 3660 x 3200 pixels per eye. In comparison, the Meta Quest 3 offers a resolution of 2064 x 2208 per eye.

The Micro-OLED panel on Apple's headset also supports a 100Hz refresh rate.

A stereoscopic 3D camera can be found on the outside of the device, which provides the in-headset view, but also enables the ability to capture spatial video photos and video.

The Vision Pro is also packed with sensors, including four eye-tracking cameras for use with apps and to help reduce motion sickness.

All that's really left now is to get hold of one to test. T3 will bring you our own thoughts on the Apple Vision Pro from a UK perspective in the coming days.

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