Apple Watch gets new Vitals app to better track and explain your health changes

Apple announces new Vitals app to watchOS 11 at WWDC 2024

Apple Watch showing the Vitals app
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Apple has announced a new app for the Apple Watch during its WWDC 2024 event. The Vitals app is designed to give you a quicker and clearer view of your health and fitness metrics, and will help determine changes in your activities and what might have affected your progress.

The long anticipated Apple WWDC event has announced many new and exciting updates to Apple TV, iOS, the Apple Vision Pro, and more. For wearers of the best Apple Watches, you’ll be pleased to hear that Apple has announced a new Vitals app, a quicker and easier way to view your health metrics.

One of the many benefits of wearing an Apple Watch is being able to monitor your health and gaining a better understanding of your body. Now with the new Vitals app, you can quickly check on your daily health status and measure your progress and changes against your typical range.

This watchOS 11 upgrade is designed to make it easier for users to quickly review their vital health metrics compared to before. Vitals can also alert you to these changes on your wrist in the form of a clear and concise notification. 

By recording and storing your historical ratings, the Vitals app can show you what’s changed within the last week and why you might be experiencing these changes. For example, if the Vitals app has noticed that your cardio levels have decreased, it might show you that you drank more alcohol in the last week, or took more rest days compared to your normal schedule.

Alongside the new Vitals app, Apple has also added new features to its Activity app, like Training Load. This new addition measures the intensity of your workouts and allows you to rate them from one to ten. This helps measure your energy or effort rating, so you can see if you’re higher or lower than your average training patterns, so you can adjust your workouts accordingly.

The Training Load feature does this by using your personal data, including your age, weight, heart rate and speed to determine a rating score. Once you’ve finished your workout, it’ll also give you a summary of your performance to show how your training. It also allows you to properly set rest days so you don’t break your streaks and adjust your goals depending on the day of the week.

Aside from health and fitness, the Vitals app has introduced cycle tracking and advanced pregnancy features, including keeping a closer track of heart rate for expecting mothers.

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