New Apple Watch updates will help you exercise more (or less)

Perceived effort is coming to Apple Watches

Apple Watch and iPhone showing traning load figures
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple's WWDC 2024 is in full swing, and the Apple Watch is getting some fun and handy new updates! Say hello to the brand new Vitals app and a cool AI-powered feature that picks the best photos from your gallery.

But the most exciting update is all about training. Your Apple Watch will now rate your workout efforts based on your age, weight, heart rate, and more. Using these stats and machine learning, the wearable will give you an effort score after each workout. And since effort is a personal thing, you can also set your perceived effort manually.

We've seen this feature in other wearables like Garmin watches, and it's a fantastic way to train smarter and keep your workout log organized.

Another neat addition is a feature that makes it easier to skip workouts without breaking your streak. You can now pause your rings in the Fitness app for a day or even a week so you can enjoy your holiday without stressing about missing your fitness goals.

Of course, some might use this feature to skip workouts just because, but let's hope most will use it wisely!

For more info, check out T3's WWDC 2024 coverage here.

Matt Kollat
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