Apple just showed off its new macOS and gamers will be delighted

Welcome to macOS Sonoma

(Image credit: Apple)

The speculation is over, we have a new name for the next macOS, Sonoma. It sounds right, doesn't it?  And the new useability and gaming tools seem so right too. 

Showed off at WWDC, it seems to be more than just a rebrand, however. This looks like the most beautiful macOS yet, thanks to live screensavers that move slowly. The WWDC preview showed several beautiful landscapes, including the Sonoma hills and it definitely brings a new level of customisation to your machine. 

It doesn't stop there however, your home screen can also now be customised with widgets, much like an iPhone screen. Speaking of iPhone, you can even use your iPhone widgets on your Mac without even having to install them. 

Apple WWDC 2023 live keynote event

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple is also hoping to capture the gaming audience with its latest Mac update. Not only did WWDC feature Hideo Kojima himself revealing that Death Stranding will be coming to Mac but also that a new gaming mode will prioritise the CPU and GPU power to give you the best possible performance. Apple has also doubled the Bluetooth sampling rate to help players connect controllers to their Mac. 

Developer tools have also been improved when creating and porting games to Mac, especially in regard to the textures and shaders so expect better graphics. Hopefully, we could soon see titles developed with the Mac's capabilities in mind. 

Andy Sansom
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