iPhone 14 Plus – here's what we expect from the new addition

The second iPhone 14 model is likely to be not so mini this year, with a screen size to rival the Pro Max. So is the iPhone 14 Plus going to be the one to buy?

Apple iPhone 13 line up
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This year's iPhone 14 line-up is expected to feature four models but there's one significant change in store. It's widely believed that there will be no iPhone 14 mini coming at today's Apple event. Instead, we could see a larger model than the standard 14 but without the Pro specs. 

Though details are slim, we now believe that the new model will be known as the iPhone 14 Plus (not Max). This is likely to have a similar feature-set to the iPhone 14 with the one major difference being the screen. While the mini had a smaller 5.4-inch display (compared with the 13's 6.1-inch), the 14 Plus is likely to have around a 6.7-inch display. This is the same size as the current iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

The screen is likely to be a Super Retina XDR display but unlikely to come with the Pro Motion features of the Pro models. Also due to its larger form factor, the iPhone 14 Plus is likely to offer an extended battery life compared to the iPhone 14. My guess here is around 25 hours of video playback. 

Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Apple last used the Plus for the iPhone 8

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Perhaps the most important factor for the iPhone 14 Plus is the price. Though it's likely to be $100 / £100 more than the iPhone 14 it is still going to be under that magical $1000 / £1000 figure – possible around $899 / £849. 

At this price and this screen size, Apple could be on to a very good thing. Especially in the Asia markets, where much larger handsets are the norm. It will be interesting to see how it goes down in the UK and US as well. 

We'll find out more in just a few hours. Don't forget to follow T3's Apple Event Live Blog for all the latest news as it happens. 

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