Apple Pencil Pro brings new sensors and a huge upgrade to your iPad

New motion controls and FindMy come to Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil Pro
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Quick Summary

Apple has announced an upgrade Pencil stylus that adds extra features for pro users.

The Apple Pencil Pro includes a new sensor that detects barrel movements and can therefore be used to change the orientation of a brush stroke, for example.

Apple has announced an all-new Pencil stylus to go along with its new iPad Pro and iPad Air models – one that includes new features for professional users.

For starters, the Apple Pencil Pro debuts Barrel Roll, which uses a sensor inside the barrel (hence the name) to track how you hold the Pencil and can change capabilities when you rotate it in your fingers. This can be used to change the shape of a brush (Smart Shape) while drawing.

As previously rumoured, there is new squeeze functionality too, which also uses the new sensor. This can bring up a menu to choose different options without having to use your other hand. And haptic feedback is built into the accessory to give you a more tangible experience when you use any of the new features.

Finally, FindMy is now available in a Pencil for the first time, so you can track where you've left it using any other Apple device, and it now uses USB-C for charging (to comply with the EU directives introduced last year).

The Apple Pencil Pro costs $129 in the US, £129 in the UK and is available to order today for delivery next week.

It has been announced alongside a new series of iPads – the 11- and 13-inch iPad Air models with M2 chips, plus the new OLED iPad Pro tablets with the all-new M4 chipset and plenty of other bells and whistles besides.

The Pencil Pro works with all of them, and pairs, charges and can be stored on the side of the new iPad Pro models through proprietary magnetic tech.

For those who don't really need the additional features and want to save a spot of cash, the existing Lightning Apple Pencil will work with the new iPads too.

It's also worth noting that the Apple Pencil Pro will not work on older iPads, so you'll be best off with the current Apple Pencil or Pencil USB-C.

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