Apple WWDC date confirmed for iOS 18 preview

Apple's 2024 Developer Conference will reveal the new features coming on the iPhone 16, plus new Macs and iPads

WWDC 2023
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Apple has confirmed the dates for WWDC 24, its Worldwide Developers Conference that previews the upcoming OS updates for the year. Scheduled for 10th to 14th June 2024, the event will be held online with a special event at Apple Park on 10th June. 

While the event is primarily aimed at the developers who will create new apps and programmes for Apple's Mac OS, iPad OS and iOS, its keynote has become of interest to all Apple users as it typically reveals the features that are coming to the new updates later in the year. 

This time we are likely to get a preview of iOS 18 – rumoured to be a big update for the iPhone 16 – along with iPad OS 18, TVOS 18 and Mac OS 15. The Mac OS is likely to follow with another California-related name. 

Apple WWDC 2024

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This year we're also likely to see an update to Apple's Vision OS, the operating system for the Vision Pro mixed reality glasses. And hopefully an update on the Apple CarPlay platform after the final folding of the Apple Car project. 

WWDC is not usually a platform for new products, but we have seen some launches here in the past. It was the announcement of the Vision Pro that stole the show in 2023. This year we could see more information on a Mac Pro machine. My guess though is that the focus will remain heavily on the Vision Pro headset, as it is expected to launch in Europe and other markets around the same time. 

The WWDC 24 keynote taking place on 10th June will be broadcast on Apple's website as well as its developer page, YouTube channel and on Apple TV events. 

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