Apple Vision Pro all but confirmed for UK and international launch this year

Finally, it's coming

Apple Vision Pro
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If you live outside of the US, the only real way to get your hands (or rather face) on an Apple Vision Pro right now is to book a vacation stateside. Since its February launch, it's still only available in the USA. 

Apple's $3500 headset is touted as a revolution of 'spatial computing' but it is a revolution that only US residents can partake in right now. But this year that is confirmed to change. 

Tim Cook has confirmed that the Apple Vision Pro will arrive in China this year, but several other countries look like they'll be imminently getting the headset too. Job postings for so-called "Briefing Experience Specialists" have been spotted in the likes of the UK, Australia, Austria and Japan, suggesting that Apple is assembling teams to launch the Vision Pro in these countries too. Certainly come WWDC it would be a crowd-pleaser to release it worldwide. While there's no official word, we can always hope right? 

Apple Vision Pro

(Image credit: Apple)

The Apple Vision Pro is incredibly exciting but many have also described it as clearly a first generation device. While we don't expect the model that arrives outside US shores to be any different, it does seem like if it comes too much later this year consumers might as well just wait until the inevitable 2nd gen headset. Of course, that's assuming Apple has its usual yearly update schedule planned. On top of the usual iPhone release in September, it looks like it could be a very expensive year for Apple fans. 

In fairness, you don't have to buy a Vision Pro to try one. You could always book a flight to the Maldives but Apple has also gone big on the in-store experience to make sure users have the right fit and experience with the Vision Pro. You'll need to scan your face and reportedly complete a 25-minute demo before you can walk out the store with a headset. 

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