Tech Today: MacBook Air wows, Star Wars-themed Xbox

Plus: OS X Lion sells 1m, Bieber kills Instagram

Apple goes from strength to strength, while Nokia finally loses its No.1 spot. There's a supremely cool new Xbox 360 and Justin Bieber destoys Instagram. it's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

New Apple MacBook Air outperforms last year's MacBook Pro
The buzz around the new MacBook Air update, launched Thursday, is seemingly well justified. Laptop Magazine is reporting that benchmark tests indicate that the new 13-inch Air is 100 per cent more powerful than last year's model and outperforms every MacBook Pro laptop from 2010. Impressive.
Link: Laptop

Nokia implosion sees Apple take the number one spot
Apple is now the number one, best-selling smartphone manufacturer in the world following this week's financial reports. Apple sold 20.4m iPhones, outperforming Nokia for the first time ever. The ailing Finnish giant sold a relatively disappointing 16.7m handsets on the way to loses of £323m.
Link: AppleInsider

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Justin Bieber kills Instagram
It sounds like a horror movie aimed at scaring the bejesus out of hipsters, but it's actually real. US teen sensation Justin Bieber brought down the trendiest photo-sharing on the planet on Thursday night, by tweeting his first ever picture. The rather uninteresting snap of random motorway traffic was too much for the Instagram servers to cope with as Bieber's 11m Twitter followers descended on the site en masse.
Link: TechCrunch

Lion sells 1m copies in just 24 hours
The new Mac OS X Lion operating system became the fastest selling Apple software in company history on Thursday after shipping over one million downloads in less the first 24 hours. The download-only mechanism probably contributed to the speed of uptake, with users able to just tune up their Apple device from the comfort of their armchair.
Link: Apple

Star Wars-themed Xbox 360 console is the coolest thing ever
In preparation for the release of Kinect Star Wars, Microsoft has announced a Limited Edition Xbox 360 bundle featuring an R2D2-themed console and a controller in the golden guise of C3PO. The bundle also includes a copy of the game and a Kinect peripheral in a lovely Stormtrooper white.
Link: GamePro

News@8: Thursday saw more fallout from a huge week for Apple, while Nokia's annus horribilus continued with a loss of £323m. EA Sports claimed that it's FIFA games are approaching "photo realism", while Acitivision revealed plans to relaunch the popular Guitar Hero series. Catch up on this and more in our daily News@8 round-up