Tech Today: HTC Titan & Radar Mango phones outed

Plus: George Lucas is messing with Star Wars again

With some more big news from the IFA 2011 tech fest and the latest Star Wars meddling from George Lucas, it's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

Massive 4.7-inch HTC Titan unveiled at IFA
Titan by name, Titan by nature it seems. HTC has lifted the lid on its first Windows Phone Mango offering and the headline feature must be the whopping 4.7-inch screen. The LCD screen is surrounded by a mighty slim 9.9mm body and underneath the hood is a nifty 1.5GHz processor. It'll be out in October.
Link: TechRadar

HTC Radar WP Mango phone also makes IFA debut
Also arriving in October is the somewhat smaller HTC Radar Windpws Phone Mango device. The slightly scaled back device has a 3.8-inch LCD display and a still-relatively-speedy 1GHz processor doing the heavy lifting. The device boasts a 5-megapixel camera with an LED flash and can shoot video at 720p
Link: TechRadar

Lenovo rolls-out really inexpensive IdeaPad A1 tablet
Responding directly to the demand for cheaper tablet devices, Lenovo has unveiled the IdeaPad A1 slate. The 7-inch device, which will run Android Gingerbread and boast full access to the Android Market will go on sale for a bargain busting $199 (that's about £120). You'll have to get one brought in from the US however, because it won't be landing on UK shores.
Link: Engadget

George Lucas messes with Star Wars again in Blu-ray version
The tinkerman has struck again by tweaking his greatest creations for the forthcoming Blu-ray edition of the movie. You know that scene when the Emperor is torturing Luke at the end of Return of the Jedi with Darth Vader watching on. Well, now, before Darth decides enough is enough and tosses his Sith master into the pit and restores balance to the Force, he let's out a big "Noooooooooooo"
Link: Cinemabland

Germans lift 17-year-old ban on Doom game
Back in 1994, the PC first-person shooter Doom was pretty hardcore and was banned by the reasonable folks in Germany who decide upon the media that is harmful to children. Well, after an appeal from Doom's creators, the ban has now been lifted because it's now only of historical significance and unlikely to be played by Children. Presumably they're more into massacring folks on their PS3.
Link: BBC