I need Wave's 'extremely limited' edition '90s-inspired SUP board so badly

'What The Sup?' boards are exclusively designed by a member of Slay Duggee, a kids' death metal band

Wave launches limited editition WHA THE SUP paddle boards
(Image credit: Wave)

Even the best stand-up paddle boards can sometimes look a bit... boring. Often, the colour scheme varies between shades of green or blue, mixed with off-white sections for good measure; nothing to write home about hence why I got so excited when I first laid my eyes on the new, 'extremely limited' edition Wave SUPs, featuring a distinctively 90s colour scheme.

The What the SUP? board is Wave's first limited-edition stand-up paddle board. Wave says the new paddle board is the first of its type, with the potential for further exclusive designs to be released in future. 'What the SUP' features the Tourer 2.0 design, which is wider than the original Tourer for extra stability. It also includes an all-new bungee system for various items, such as a water bottle, as well as a quick-release fin.

Wave launches limited editition WHA THE SUP paddle boards

(Image credit: Wave)

The board was designed by Nick Hearne, an award-winning Creative Director and Designer, as well as a member of Slay Duggee, a kids' death metal band. "Wave wanted something colourful and loud to stand out from the crowd on the beaches and rivers – and they've got it," says Hearne, "It's a statement of fun and energy from this exciting independent brand - and it's a guaranteed conversation starter when you're having fun on the water."

"Wave is all about doing things differently, and What the SUP? is certainly different," added Ben Cook, Marketing Director at Wave, "Not only does the board look amazing, but it's a fantastic paddle board: What the SUP? takes everything that's great about our top seller, The Tourer and turbocharges it."

The popularity of paddle boarding has seen a massive uptake during the pandemic, as people tried to find outdoor activities that can be done while adhering to social distancing rules. SUPs provided a fun and engaging way to be in nature, stay active and try something new. Many boarders remain active years after the initial lockdown ended.

'What the SUP?' limited-edition stand-up paddle boards are available for pre-orders from 3 April 2023. For more info on pricing and availability in your region, visit Wave today. Check out T3's best inflatable paddle board, best dry bags and best wetsuit guides to better gear up for your next outdoor adventure.

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