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To get started with ExpressVPN, choose from the 1 month, 6 month or 12 month plans, enter your email address and pay for your subscription. Each subscription comes with all ExpressVPN apps and server locations, and you can install the ExpressVPN apps on up to five devices. It’s important to note that you’ll need an ExpressVPN account and app to use your subscription.

For news, content and deals, make sure to follow ExpressVPN on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. If you ever need any questions answered or you’re interested in VPN tips and advice, check out the ExpressVPN blog and how-to guides for more.

ExpressVPN offers a ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme, where you can refer friends or family members via your ExpressVPN account and when they sign up, you and your friends get 30 days of ExpressVPN for free. The more friends you refer, the more free 30 days you’ll receive.

ExpressVPN often runs sales throughout the year, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Summer sales events. When you sign up to any ExpressVPN plan, you’re immediately under the 30 day money back guarantee so if you’re not happy with the service after 30 days, ExpressVPN will give you a refund. ExpressVPN often takes money off their plans when you sign up with them, for example, you can find special deals on the 12 month plan where you can get up to 50% off and 3 months for free.


How do I order services from ExpressVPN?

To order with ExpressVPN, select the plan you want and enter your email address to create an account. From there, pay for your subscription plan and you can download as many ExpressVPN apps to your device as you want.

What’s the ExpressVPN returns policy?

Customers have 30 days to try out ExpressVPN and get a full refund if they’re unhappy with their experience, under the ExpressVPN 30 day money-back guarantee.

Can I cancel my ExpressVPN subscription?

Customers can cancel their ExpressVPN plan anytime before their subscription ends. It’s important to note that ExpressVPN cannot be cancelled through the apps so you’ll have to do it on the website. Depending on how you paid for your ExpressVPN plan, there are multiple ways to cancel your subscription. Head to the ‘How to cancel your ExpressVPN subscription’ page for more information.

What payment methods are available at ExpressVPN?

Accepted methods of payment include all major credit and debit cards, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay, Discover, JCB, OneCard, Hipercard, Diners Club International, WebMoney, Yandex Money and Qiwi Wallet. You can also pay with prepaid cards and Bitcoin.

How many devices can I connect simultaneously with ExpressVPN?

A single ExpressVPN subscription can be used simultaneously on five devices. ExpressVPN can be installed on any number of devices but you can only connect five devices at a time. Devices that you can use ExpressVPN on include phones, laptops, tablets and routers.

What applications are supported by ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN has apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Chromebook, Kindle Fire and routers. It has multiple browser extensions for Chrome, Edge and Firefox. ExpressVPN also has apps and manual configuration for streaming devices and gaming consoles including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Android TV, Chromecast and Nvidia Shield, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Can I buy ExpressVPN in retail stores?

ExpressVPN is only available to buy on their website.

How do I contact the ExpressVPN customer service team?

To contact ExpressVPN customer service, start a live chat on the website.

How to use ExpressVPN discount codes

1. Find the ExpressVPN discount code that you want to use, read the T&Cs and head to their website. You can find these discount codes on the T3 ExpressVPN discount code page, their website and emails.

2. Once you’ve picked from our selection of ExpressVPN discount codes, click the deal you want and you’ll be taken to the ExpressVPN website.

3. Once you’re on the website, the discount is applied automatically so you don’t need to add any codes at the checkout. You’ll need to shop and pay directly on the page that our link opens as these discounts are immediately added to your order this way.

What streaming services can ExpressVPN unlock?


(Image credit: Shuttershock)

As the number one trusted VPN leader in the world, it’s safe to say that ExpressVPN should be your first initial choice if you’re looking for a virtual private network service. If you’re not sure what a VPN is, it’s a tool that extends your private network across a public one, and allows you to send and receive data across them. VPNs are most commonly used to conceal your online activity, meaning your data is encrypted so ISPs, governments and other third parties can’t see what websites you visit, what services you use or what you download.

While VPNs are typically used for privacy and security, now more than ever people use them to access websites in different regions of the world. As ExpressVPN has over 3,000 servers and 160 locations across 94 countries, you can use your subscription to watch, listen and stream content from blocked or censored websites from around the world.

Having an ExpressVPN is a handy way to access social media apps if they’re blocked at your school or office, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. However, it’s most often used for unlocking different TV series, movies and documentaries on streaming platforms. We’ve all been there where we’ve heard that a new movie has been added to Netflix but it’s not available in your location. ExpressVPN takes this away and maintains its ability to unlock Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, ESPN, HBO, Hulu, DAZN and more.

The top 5 things you can do with a VPN


(Image credit: ExpressVPN)

If you’re new to the world of VPNs or you’ve never really needed one in the past, the concept of a VPN service might seem alien to you. However, there are many more exciting things that a VPN can do for you, other than concealing your identity and unlocking blocked sites. Here are the best 5 things you can do with a VPN.

Protect personal information

The most important thing a VPN can do is protect your personal information. ExpressVPN masks your IP address and location, and encrypts your internet activity. If you often sign into open Wi-Fi networks, you’re putting yourself at risk of having your private information stolen so using a VPN service can improve your security and safety.

Access blocked sites

With a VPN, you can stream, listen and scroll, regardless of your geo-location. If your office or Wi-Fi network has blocked a certain site, like Instagram, you can use a VPN to access it and unlock more movies and TV series by accessing Prime, Disney+ or Netflix with an ExpressVPN plan.

Split tunnelling

Split tunnelling allows you to route some of your device traffic through a VPN, while other devices have direct access to the internet. This feature is often used as some sites and services perform better when your location is known so you can do this, while also keeping your information safe and secure with a VPN.

Become anonymous

If you want to have an anonymous presence online, you can with a VPN. For example, if you want to leave a review for your old place of work, you might not want them to know it was you so you can conceal your identity with a VPN.

ExpressVPN Lightway Protocol

The ExpressVPN Lightway Protocol was developed in 2020 and designed to improve connectivity speeds while also reducing power consumption. Lightway provides a secure, reliable and faster experience so you can browse, stream and download things at the fastest speed possible.

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