Apple may make larger and cheaper iPhones

Sources speaking to Reuters suggest company is planning to take the battle to Samsung

Apple may expand its iPhone range later this year, with the addition of new phone sizes.

The company may introduce larger 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch handsets and a cheaper $99 (£64) handset in a range of colours, according to Reuters.

Sources speaking to the news wire said that such a move is still being discussed and no decision has been made.

Analysts have long suspected that Apple may make the move to gain back market share from Samsung. It's South Korean rival has flooded the market with a variety of different handsets, many of which Apple does not directly compete with.

These include so called phablets, like the Galaxy Note range.

Speaking within the last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook did not deny that the company may look at expanding its range of smartphones away from the one-size fits all model it current offers.

However, the manufacturing sources said that it is currently unclear if Apple will move forward with the plans.