Womanizer OG review: the world’s first G-Zone air stimulator tested

Having dominated the clitoral suction sex-toy market, Womanizer designs a G-Zone stimulator featuring Pleasure Air technology

Womanizer OG review
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With the release of the OG, Womanizer is building on its reputation in the sex toy market for being a progressive brand that places high value on research and development, and uses pioneering technology in new ways. The results are a beautifully designed, comfortable sex toy that encourages exploration and a mindful approach to discovering the deeply complex pleasure structure that makes up the G-Zone. Happy travelling!

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Ergonomic, well designed, high-quality silicone

  • +

    2 hours run time

  • +

    A new way to explore

  • +

    Good price point

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Fiddly buttons

  • -

    Magnetic charging connection a little sensitive

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The Womanizer brand is not one to rest lazily on past successes. Last autumn, it released three new iterations of its iconic sex toy. This summer saw the release of a limited edition collaboration between Womanizer and the Marilyn Monroe estate, and just a few months later, comes the news of the Womanizer OG, a sex toy that promises to revolutionise G-Zone stimulation.

For the benefit of those who aren’t familiar with the Womanizer, it pioneered the use of air waves to stimulate the clitoris with its patented Pleasure Air technology in its first release in 2014. Previously, clitoral stimulators had rumbled, buzzed and vibrated their way to prompt a climax whereas Pleasure Air technology uses gentle ‘puffs’ of air to encase and stimulate the external clitoral area. Four million global sales later, it’s safe to say that this has been a popular and progressive step forward for sex toy design, and earning Womanizer a place amongst the best sex toys.

While all the major sex toy brands now have their own version of a clitoral suction vibrator, no one has applied this technology to other areas of the anatomy. Until now. There was a rumble of excitement as Womanizer announced that its R&D department has been beavering away for the past four years, developing an internal vibrator that stimulates the G-Zone using Pleasure Air technology.

The design of the OG was informed by research carried out by Dr Helen O’Connell in 2005, revealing that the clitoris is not just a small external spot but is part of a much larger and complex network of nerve endings that reaches deep within the vaginal area. A G-Zone rather than a specific point, or G-Spot. The OG has been designed to explore this internal pleasure structure and is focused on slow, mindful discovery, rather than trying to press a button and trigger a magic spot. As Womanizer User Testing Expert Elizabeth Neumann explains, “It’s not a three-minute orgasm, it’s a journey.”

To see if the Womanizer OG deserves a place among the best vibrators, and to see the affects of Pleasure Air technology, I gave it a try and this is my verdict...

Womanizer OG review: design & features

Womanizer is a leader in research, and has maximised on its huge resources of testers to refine the ergonomics, design and adjustability of the OG. Most specifically, it recalibrated the degree of the levels of Pleasure Air technology with the OG producing less ‘targeted’ pulsations to stimulate a broader area.

While the classic Womanizer looks a little like an elongated pebble, the OG is long and slender with a narrow tip for insertion and a small cavity that houses an opening for the Pleasure Air. There’s a choice of 12 intensity and 3 vibration levels. The Pleasure Air can be controlled by using the ‘+’ and ‘–‘ buttons, and the vibrations by a smaller button a little below; all of the controls are positioned at the opposite end of the OG to its insertable tip.

Smart Silence is a familiar feature on Womanizer products and this handy function means that the toy is on standby until it makes contact with skin. You can disable the Smart Silence if you’d prefer but it’s a useful feature that means avoiding unnecessary noise or rumbling when not in use.

Another nice addition to the OG is the Afterglow function, which brings it back to its most gentle setting and is triggered by a two-second press on the ‘– ‘ button when you want to calm things down.

Alongside some great features, the OG also scores highly in the looks department with a velvety smooth surface, discreet controls and a choice of aubergine, lilac or dark grey colour options.

Womanizer OG review: Does it work?

Womanizer says it spent a lot of time listening to its testers and the OG was designed to be as ergonomic as possible. It’s slender shape and soft silicone surface certainly makes it both comfortable to insert and hold. The control buttons, positioned on the non-insertable end are discreet, sitting closely together with the on/off button just above them and it’s a relief that there aren’t an overwhelming number of intensity or vibration options to get lost in. I am also grateful for its Smart Silence function. There’s something equally comic and stressful about seeing a sex toy bouncing around on the bed while you reposition or add more of the best lube, and the OG is all about playing the long game so the last thing you want is to feel rushed.

Womanizer advises that you use the Pleasure Air stimulation on the clitoris before insertion (as well as, of course, plenty of lube). By stimulating the clitoris first, you're igniting all the thousands of nerve endings that reach inside the vagina. Don’t forget, the clitoral orgasm and the G-Zone orgasm are connected by a complex internal network. Again, this is a marathon not a sprint so taking your time on prep is key to enjoyment.

As a seasoned Womanizer user, I’m accustomed to the sensation of a suction stimulator on the clitoris, and it was pleasantly surprising to experience that feeling internally. It’s a more gentle, subtle stimulation; the build is wonderfully slow and intensely enjoyable. The OG is slender and flexible enough to move around with ease and comfort and the combination of Pleasure Air and vibrations is a happy marriage when used internally.

Where the OG needs more development is with the controls. The buttons are so close together it can be difficult to distinguish between them when the OG is in use. They are also a little unresponsive and take more effort than you want to exert on moving through the settings. It could be that this improves with more use, and it’s my only quibble with what is otherwise a superbly comfortable, well-designed toy.

Womanizer OG

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Womanizer OG review: Verdict

The Womanizer team was keen to help break some of the toxic narratives around the G-Zone and the negative affect this has had on those who somehow feel less valued for not experiencing an internal orgasm. It’s important to understand this before using the OG as to get the best out of this sex toy requires a willingness to explore and enjoy the journey as much as any end result.

Priced at £179, the Womanizer OG is good value for a sex toy, that’s been so well-researched and design, and is made from premium material. The OG is a pioneering step forward in helping users understand that whether you experience a G-Zone orgasm or not is almost irrelevant because there is so much pleasure in the act of discovery.

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