Womanizer Next review: Womanizer goes Next level with latest version of best-selling sex toy

Happy anniversary to Womanizer who celebrates 10 years of its trailblazing clitoral stimulator with Next

Womanizer Next review
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It’s been a decade since clitoris owners were first treated to Pleasure Air Technology. It’s been a ride. Now Womanizer promises greater depth with 3D Pleasure Air Technology. A slower pulse rate allows for more controlled pressure and a sensation that edges closer to emulating oral sex. With other features offering greater control and a more discreet ‘whisper quiet’ session it’s a worthy upgrade from its predecessor, the Premium 2.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    3D Pleasure Air Technology for real feel

  • +

    More options with Climax Control

  • +

    Quieter than its predecessors

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Aimed at more experienced users

  • -

    Magnetic charging point can disconnect

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In the world of sexual wellness, some companies are busier than others. Womanizer is seemingly on a never ending self-improvement mission with another version of the Womanizer best sex toy.

Pre-Womanizer, clitoral vibration was more of a rub, buzz or a rumble, which could leave this delicate pleasure centre numb from stimulation. In 2014, Womanizer introduced its pioneering Pleasure Air Technology, introducing millions to the joy of clitoral air stimulation. Designed to emulate oral sex, clitoral stimulators use gentle air waves and a pulsing action. A softer, yet more intense route to the big O, for which clitoris owners are forever grateful.

This year is the 10th anniversary of Womanizer. To celebrate the brand has launched Womanizer Next, an evolution, it says, in clitoral stimulation It sits alongside predecessors including the Premium 2, Classic and Starlet but how does it standout?

Read on to discover what makes Womanizer Next special.

Womanizer Next review: price

The Womanizer Next is priced at £189.99. It's available to buy at Womanizer, Lovehoney and Ann Summers, as well as other select retailers.

Womanizer Next review: design and features

There are several, notable new features to enjoy here. The most striking is Next’s 3D Pleasure Air Technology. As mentioned, Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology uses changes in air pressure to stimulate the clitoris, 3D PAT pulses at a much slower rate for a more controlled rate of pressure change. It can go as low as three pulses per second, compared, for example, to Womanizer Premium 2’s 20 pulses per second.

For the user this means greater depth of sensation. “If you think about it in terms of music,” says Tobias Zegenhagen, Chief Product Officer at Womanizer, “the original Pleasure Air Technology can play single notes, 3D Pleasure Air can perform an entire symphony.”

Another new addition, Climax Control, offers users a choice of three depths of Pleasure Air sensations. This allows for a greater degree of customisation and a more nuanced journey that can be adjusted as you progress towards orgasm. Speed and intensity can be increased or decreased with 14 different settings.

Womanizer Next review

(Image credit: Womanizer)

Womanizer says this toy is its quietest yet with subwoofer speaker technology to give users a noiseless experience. Another new addition to the Womanizer is Afterglow, a neat function that promises to gently return the user to Earth post climax.

Two features seen on its predecessor, Premium 2, are Smart Silence and Autopilot 2. Set to Autopilot and Next will run through a variety of settings to keep you on your toes should you drift off. Which, frankly, is unlikely. Smart Silence means the toy will only operate on contact.

The Next looks identical to other versions of Womanizer and is sheathed in good quality silicone. Ergonomically designed with well-spaced, easy-to-use buttons the layout will be familiar to Womanizer owners, and a breeze for newcomers to operate. It comes in three colours: Black, Sage and Dark Purple. It's USB rechargeable, but note that its magnetic charging point can be a little erratic to connect.

Womanizer Next review

(Image credit: Womanizer)

Womanizer Next review: performance

It’s safe to say that the Womanizer has earned its stripes in the world of clitoral stimulation. The question here is not if Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology works, because we know it does, but is this a worthy upgrade?

The 3D Pleasure Air Technology, I’m happy to report, is a significant change. The innovation brings with it a deeper, more enriched, and heightened experience. If you’re looking for a toy to emulate oral sex, the sensation of a lower rate of pulsating pressure is infinitely closer to the real deal. For some, the very lowest setting may prove too much of a light touch but it’s easy to toggle up and increase the vibrations if that’s your direction of travel. It’s also a great toy for edging and exploration. Take your time, the results will be worth it. 

Noise is a big issue for sex toy users. Womanizer says that the Next is ‘noiseless’. I’d say this is true until you start to turn up the vibration levels. Yes, it’s certainly a very quiet toy, but it’s not without sound.

I love the idea of the Afterglow option and kudos goes to Womanizer for considering the concept of ‘after care’ regarding the design of its sex toys. In reality this feature is a little gimmicky and merely slows down the toy rather than offering anything significantly different. This could be an area for development, however, and it’s a nice touch.

A woman in bed picking up the Womanizer Next from her bedside table

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Womanizer Next review: verdict

“The Next is a great option for those who want to break out of their orgasm routine, or upgrade to a more complex journey,” says Elizabeth Neumann, Head of User Research at Womanizer. The 3D Pleasure Air Stimulation is certainly a more nuanced version of the existing technology. It’s also significantly closer in feel to oral sex that the more ‘intense’ sensations of faster paced clitoral stimulators. Less is more, so to speak.

For those trying clitoral stimulators for the first time there are much cheaper options on the market worth trying first. Committed users, however, will undoubtedly gain much from this more intuitive version of an already successful technology.

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