LELO Lily 3 review: sexual wellness brand relaunches its flagship product with added extras

LELO celebrates its 20th anniversary with an updated version of the body massager that changed the sex toy industry

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LELO Lily 3 review
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Twenty years ago, when the sexual wellness industry was a very different landscape to the innovative market it is now, the Lily was a revolution in terms of sex-toy design, concept and innovation. It's testament to the quality of this flagship product that two decades later, LELO has re-released the Lily, staying true to the design and function with the Lily 3, albeit with some added extras including more settings and fully waterproof status. A bijou favourite that has been welcomed back with open arms.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Long run-time

  • +

    Powerful vibrations

  • +


  • +

    Top-quality silicone

  • +

    Discreet and quiet

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not for internal use

  • -

    Do you need it if you already have the Lily 2?

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When Swedish, luxury sexual-wellness brand LELO launched in 2003, it transformed the sex toy market. By placing a focus on stylish, ergonomic design and by taking the lead in technological innovation, LELO cast a bright light over what had previously been an industry swathed in a sense of secrecy. LELO’s motto Come Together encapsulates its all-inclusive approach to sexual health; one that welcomes everyone regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race or age.

LELO’s combination of elegant design and tech innovation has made the brand a leader in sexual health with iconic products, such as the Soraya Wave, LELO Dot and the Sona ranking as some of the world’s best sex toys. Notably, as a luxury brand, its prices also sit at the top end of market.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary LELO released the Lily 3, the latest incarnation of the small, pebble-shaped body massager that helped launch the business. For those of us who purchased the original Lily, this is welcome news that promises many happy returns. After trying it, I think the LELO Lily 3 has found its place amongst the best vibrators... and here's my full review.

LELO Lily 3 review: design

As per its progenitor, the Lily 3 is a petite, pebble-shaped toy that features a gentle curve designed to fit snugly over the contours of the vulva. Slightly narrowing at the tip, all the products in the Lily range provide both pinpoint stimulation as well as less intense vibrations when the back of the pebble is pressed onto the skin. While its primary purpose is clitoral stimulation, the Lily also makes a wonderful massager that can used on any part of the body during foreplay and intercourse, or for general stress relief.

This will most likely be the lightest sex toy you will ever pick up, and its feather weight and diminutive size makes it a fine choice to take with you on trips as it’s so discreet and easily tucked away. The Lily 3 is made from high-quality, body-safe silicone and is sensationally soft to the touch. As expected, LELO’s flagship product – as with all its designs – boasts sculptural elegance too.

Simplicity is key with all the products in the Lily range and two buttons give you control over a choice of 10 vibration patterns and a range of speeds. Double click the right-hand button to move through the pattern options, then hold to increase the speed, or press the left button to decrease speed and bring the Lily 3 to a halt.

This iteration of the Lily has two more pattern options than its predecessor, Lily 2, and it comes in three colourways: Dark Plum, Polar Green and Calm Lavender. Unlike the Lily 2, the Lily 3 does not come scented. It is, however, fully waterproof and USB rechargeable, taking two hours to fully charge with two hours’ run time.

LELO Lily 3 review

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LELO Lily 3 review: performance

The Lily may be bijou, but it is packing an impressive amount of power. Press the right-hand button to kickstart the massager and it emits a deep, rumbling response, even on the lowest speed. ‘Rumble’ is the key word here as its bass-like resonation means the Lily 3 feels superbly comfortable when in contact with sensitive areas, such as the clitoris, avoiding the discomfort or numbness that more shrill vibrations can cause.

The pebble shape sits neatly over the vulva, from where you can angle the slightly narrower end to direct the vibrations to where it feels best. It only takes small adjustments to find a good position and once you’re on target, relax and allow the Lily to work its magic.

The buttons are well-positioned near the base of the massager and it’s simple to navigate through the options, but I would suggest that once you know the setting and speed that suits you best, find it before you start to play. Once covered in the best lube and due to its small size, the buttons on the Lily 3 can be a little tricky to work when in use; it’s a boon, however, that by simply pressing the left-hand button you can slowly bring the speed back down, rather than having to navigate through a series of options.

The choice of patterns is excellent with plenty of variation to explore and it’s great that the speed can be adjusted with each setting so that you can finetune what works best for you. Another tip of the hat goes to LELO for producing a toy that’s so powerful yet manages to be whisper quiet.

LELO Lily 3 review

(Image credit: Katie Nicholls / T3)

LELO Lily 3 review: Verdict

There’s a reason that LELO looked back to its launch product to celebrate its platinum anniversary. The Lily 3 – like the original Lily – is a beautifully designed toy that is as suited to those new to exploring (both solo and as a couple) as it is for more seasoned sex-toy users who know exactly how to trigger all their pleasure zones.

Discreet yet strong, beautiful to look and a joy to hold, the Lily 3 has done its parentage proud. As a gift to those helping LELO celebrate its anniversary, the Lily 3 will be half price throughout 2023 and it comes with a one-year warrantee. Happy birthday LELO!

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