This £35 accessory is a game-changer for surfers and paddle boarders

The C-Monsta wetsuit hanger is a genius solution to keeping your wet kit together to dry out efficiently

C-Monsta wetsuit hanger
(Image credit: C-Monsta)

The C-Monsta is an ingenious wetsuit hanger, designed to make it easier to keep all your kit together and give it somewhere to dry out efficiently. It was created by surfers in Scotland (where full wetsuit gear is a must for most of the year), and has proven massively popular with watersports fans of all kinds – it sold out almost immediately when it launched back in October 2020. 

The pandemic has seen a boom in popularity for watersports, from stand-up paddle boarding to wild swimming and surfing (head to our guides to the best paddle boards for beginners and the best beginner surfboards if you've been thinking of getting involved). While in the balmier summer months you might be okay heading out in a swimsuit, for protection and warmth as it gets chillier, a wetsuit, booties or water shoes and gloves are almost essential. And that's where there C-Monsta comes in.

Like many of the best products, it's ingenious in its simplicity. There are notches for your wetsuit, boots, and gloves, shaped to fit almost all sizes. A drip edge funnels the water from your boots away from your wetsuit, to help everything dry out efficiently. The idea is that you can just grab it and go, whenever you feel like hitting the water, so it's designed to be compact enough to hang in a van or shower, and there's a versatile hook that won't scratch surfaces. If you've invested in one of the best wetsuits, is a good way to give it space to dry out properly, which should help extend its life.

C-Monsta wetsuit hanger

(Image credit: C-Monsta)

This accessory has some strong eco credentials: it's designed and manufactured in the UK from recycled plastic, and the packaging is recycled too. It's built to be as durable as possible, but if you do manage to break it, you can send it back to C-Monsta and it'll be crushed up and recycled into new hangers. With a price tag of £35, we think it'd make an excellent gift for any surfers in your life.

"The C-Monsta wetsuit hanger has been designed to reduce the number of things stopping you from surfing," explains Mark Yeadon, an all-season surfer who created the C-Monsta as a result of his own frustration at missing kit, an untidy bathroom and gear failing to dry out between surf sessions. 

"You will be less likely to forget any kit, your bathroom will be tidier and your suit will be dry. One of the key benefits of the hanger is that, through good kit maintenance, your kit will last longer and less neoprene will end up in landfill." 

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