These active recovery slip-ons are your new best friend for paddle boarding

New outdoor footwear brand Kane is making a splash with its eco-friendly, waterproof shoes

Kane Revive Watersports shoes
(Image credit: Kane)

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Kane Footwear has launched with a shoe that's perfect for summer adventures in and around water. The Revive Slip-ons promise to be some of the best water shoes around, with a carefully honed fit combined with an eco friendly construction and active recovery design. If you've already kitted yourself out with one of the best wetsuits and the best inflatable paddle boards, perhaps it's time to upgrade your watersports footwear?

The style may be vaguely reminiscent of the dreaded Crocks, but don't be fooled into thinking this is a basic shoe – a lot of thought has gone into making these high performers. These shoes boast an active recovery design that makes them perfect for active people. The brand collaborated with a foot and ankle surgeon who has worked with elite athletes to create the construction, fit and cushioning required to effectively promote the recovery of fatigued muscles. A key part of that is the dual-density sole: a firm upper to provides structure and support, while a dreamy-sounding 31mm of cushioning softens the impact of each foot plant. 

Waterproof can often equal slippery, but these are designed so you won't be sliding all over the place when your feet are wet. Exterior perforations and interior ventilation channels promote airflow and help everything dry out quickly, while moulded lugs provide traction on the exterior. The interior of the Kane Revive Slip-on is moulded to a last that mimics the natural contours of the foot, including around the arch, heel and instep. 

Kane Revive Watersports shoes

(Image credit: Kane)

Another aspect that has piqued our interest is the eco-friendly construction. A number of outdoor brands are making efforts to come more sustainable, but there's still a long way to go. The Revives have some impressive green credentials – Kane swaps the fossil fuel-based EVA found in most recovery footwear for BounceBack EVA, which is composed of over 56% sugarcane byproduct. Sugarcane is not only a renewable resource but it's actually considered carbon-negative.

"It was important to me that sustainability was woven into Kane from the outset of the brand," says Kane Footwear CEO John Gagliardi. "An obvious place for us to start was to be critical of the materials we used in production. As we learned more about the natural properties of sugarcane it became the clear choice for the Revive."

We reckon the Revive would be ideal for short hikes to wild swimming or paddle boarding spots, kayaking, or active beach trips. While walking sandals are a decent option, if you're been getting into this year's trend for water-based adventures, a little extra protection and support can make a big difference to your comfort levels. 

The Revive Slip-ons are available to buy now from Revive, in a range of colourways and men's and women's fits.

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