The best men’s walking shoes 2018: for morning beach walks to peaks and trails

These walking shoes will ensure comfort in every step

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What you wear on your feet is an important decision. Walking shoes are slightly different to walking boots, in that they are lightweight and less restrictive than boots; but they should still provide the support and protection you need. 

Of course, hiking boots offer a higher ankle and tend to provide slightly more warmth when walking in harsh elements, so if you’re planning on doing something such as the Three Peaks Challenge, why not check out our range of the best men’s hiking boots and the best women’s hiking boots for some more durable options. 

Ultimately, any of the best walking shoes should be versatile enough to wear whatever the weather. Most high quality shoes will have a Goretex lining which makes them waterproof, and usually feature mesh outers that allow your feet to breathe while walking. It is also recommended to pick ones with soft and bouncy soles and ones with good grip if you plan to walk on uneven terrain – Vibram soles are popular and feature on many of the best walking shoes. 

The great thing about walking shoes is that they are much less restrictive than boots, and will be just as comfy as wearing any other type of shoe or trainer without the need to break them in before heading out on your trail. You’ll want shoes that don’t feel too tight anywhere around the toes or ankle, but that stay put when laces are tied to provide support in every step. 

Take a look at our list of some of the best walking shoes this year has to offer, and see which pair takes your fancy. A good pair of walking shoes can cost around £100, but there are also plenty of budget options on the market that provide everything you need, even for those who simply want a decent shoe to walk the dog in the rain. 

1. Salomon Evasion GTX

A super-comfy walking shoe for walking on uneven terrain

Best for: Comfort
Material: Suede Leather
Waterproof: Gore-Tex
Reasons to buy
+Heel foam+Mark-proof
Reasons to avoid
-Flexible sole might not appeal to everyone

If you often go on hikes, then the Salomon Evasion GTX is one of the best men’s walking shoes for uneven terrain. They feature Gore-Tex Technology, foam heels and a gusseted tongue which makes them ideal for walking over rocks or in harsh conditions. 

They are resistant to debris so they won’t get ruined after one walk and they will keep your feet warm and dry. These walking shoes make our number one spot as they really are the next best thing to hiking boots in terms of durability, with the added benefit that they can be worn daily with comfort and no rubbing.  

2. Jack Wolfskin Vojo Hike Texapore Shoes

A warm but breathable shoe for serious and casual walking

Best for: Versatility
Material: Suede Leather
Waterproof: Texapore
Reasons to buy
+Lightweight+Good grip
Reasons to avoid
-Darker in colour  

This pair of men’s walking shoes is ideal for those who do a lot of casual walking with the occasional serious trail in between. They feature Texapore lining and are incredibly lightweight and breathable. 

The suede outer helps these shoes to look more casual than a classic hiking boot and the grey colourway is easy to team up with with most walking apparel, although the grey is a lot darker in the flesh. 

The soles of these walking shoes have superior grip, so if you often find yourself trekking up slippery hills, these are a winner. These walking shoes are no one hit wonder, they are ideal for varied use, so if you tend to trek, walk and hike at different times of year across different terrain, these are the perfect shoe.

3. Keen Men’s Rialto Traveler

A supportive shoe for hikers and backpackers alike

Best for: Racking up the miles
Material: Synthetic & Mesh
Waterproof: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Moulds to the foot+Odour control
Reasons to avoid
-Most expensive on the list 

If you’re off on your travels and intend to do a lot of walking, then the Keen Men’s Rialto Traveler shoe will be a great investment. These shoes really are the best mens walking shoes in our list for longer walks. 

This is a well designed, high quality shoe that can keep your feet feeling fresh for miles and miles thanks to its inbuilt odour control. These make a great lightweight and breathable alternative for backpackers who find boots too restricting but need the best support. 

They have high grip soles which allow you to cover varied terrain while carrying a heavy bag and you needn't worry about your feet sweating or rubbing in these hiking shoes.

4. Mountain Warehouse Path Walking Shoes

A vibrant shoe that’s affordable for everyday use

Best for: Budget Buy
Material: Textile
Waterproof: Water resistant only
Reasons to buy
+Affordable+Look great
Reasons to avoid
-Not waterproof 

For those on a budget, these Mountain Warehouse Path Walking shoes are great for casual strolls along the beach, across fields or simply for taking the dog out for a walk. 

They aren’t completely waterproof, so they are not the best choice for more serious trails; you will definitely want to stick to regular footpaths in these shoes. However, for under £50, they're comfy, they look pretty good and they are the best men’s walking shoes for daily use and frankly, anyone on a budget.

5. Adidas Terrex Swift R GTX

A stylish shoe that’s light, ergonomic and grippy for all types of walking

Best for: Style
Material: Mesh
Waterproof: Gore-Tex
Reasons to buy
+Look stylish+Very light and airy
Reasons to avoid
-Fit comes up small 

If you’re a regular walker and consider yourself pretty stylish too you’ll want a shoe that not only keeps your feet comfy, but that looks good. Adidas has come up with these Terrex Swift men’s walking shoes that provide all the style and comfort of trainers, with all the protection and support from a walking boot. 

They are the perfect combination for both casual and more serious walks, and their mesh body and Gore-Tex technology make them the ideal choice of walking shoe for both winter and summer trails.  You'll struggle to find a better looking walking shoe than this.

6. Leather Omni-Tech Shoes

A classic looking shoe for working and playing outdoors

Best for: Everyday Use
Material: Leather
Waterproof: Omni Tech
Reasons to buy
+Inexpensive +Non-marking rubber
Reasons to avoid
- A little rigid

Working outside every day or walking frequently can take its toll on your soles, so it’s important to invest in a pair of shoes that will look after your feet. These Leather Omni-Tech Shoes are sturdy, waterproof and an affordable choice for those who spend all day every day outdoors. 

Their cushioned mid-sole will ensure comfort all day long and they are scratch and mark resistant so they won’t get ruined even when worn so frequently. The leather makes them a little stiff at first, but after a few wears they are a great bargain buy for daily use.  This is definitely a 'mucking about' walking shoe that can take a bashing.

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