TENGA and RIPNDIP collaborate on limited edition pleasure cups featuring cheeky kitty

Fashion and pleasure join forces and the result is just puurfect

(Image credit: Tenga)

TENGA, a leading male sexual health brand, and RIPNDIP, an LA-based skating fashion company have joined forces on a new best sex toy for men. The result is the RIPNDIP TENGA CUP featuring RIPNDIP’s mischievous cat Lord Nermal.

The limited-edition RIPNIP TENGA CUP takes TENGA’s flagship ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP and pimps it with two different designs. Nermal Loves sees the feisty feline embrace a tiny heart while Lord Nermal Blue features the naughty cat flipping two fingers, his signature pose.

“We both make products that people enjoy using,” says RIPNDIP founder Ryan O’Connor. “I feel like a lot of people get joy out of using TENGA, and a lot of people find the humour in RIPNDIP enjoyable. It’s a good harmony of two products.”

TENGA X RIPNDIP: a match made in heaven

The ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP has proved popular since its launch in 2005 selling more than 1 million in the first year alone. This male masturbator stimulates sensations akin to oral sex, providing a valve-like structure to create pressure and suction, and an air hole for vacuum control. The two limited edition designs are shaped as per the original with an hourglass figure.

RIPNDIP’s cutting-edge streetwear fashion brand is loved worldwide for its playful and irreverent aesthetic. RIPNDIP’s T-shirts, hoodies, jackets and backpacks often feature its sassy feline mascot, Lord Nermal.

This is the second time the fashion brand has collaborated with TENGA. The first partnership in 2018 saw the limited-edition products sell out, quickly becoming collector’s items. This latest collaboration is expected to follow suit.


(Image credit: Tenga)

“The previous RIPNDIP TENGA CUPs were a huge hit with both of our fanbases,” says Eddie Marklew, Global Marketing Manager at TENGA, “so it only makes sense to put Lord Nermal on another batch of cups. The simple design of the original vacuum CUP makes it a great entry-level product, as well as a canvas for this exciting product.”

The RIPNDIP TENGA CUP is a disposable male masturbator that measures 2.72 × 2.72 × 6.1 inches (DxWxH) with an insertion length of 5.8 inches and insertion width of 1.8 inches. The CUP is made from TPE and comes pre-lubricated. It costs $16 in the US and £13 in the UK/EU.

Katie Nicholls

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