Best yoga towels 2024: don't slip, get a grip!

Find our top picks for the best yoga towels, designed to sit on top of your mat to add grip and absorb sweat

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If you take your yoga practice seriously, you need the best yoga towel of 2024. A towel just for yoga? We know, we know, but like so many things designed specifically to aid in your comfort and safety, the best yoga towels aren't as barmy as they sound, especially when you're spending lots of time on the mat.

Rather than functioning like a gym towel for mopping sweaty brows and equipment after a strenuous workout, the best yoga towels are designed to sit on top of your yoga mat, adding an extra grippy layer to keep you from slipping in your own sweat (ew) or on top of communal mats to stop you slipping in someone else's (double ew). Not so silly now, are they?!

While the best yoga mats are designed to minimise slippage, none are fool proof, and a yoga towel is a smart idea if you're going to be getting sweaty. Yoga towels are typically lightweight and thin, with soft-touch absorbent toweling on one side and grippy silicone dots on the other to adhere to the mat. They're also shaped in a long rectangle, like your average yoga mat (makes sense). They can also be used as a protective layer to keep your yoga mat clean and stain-free, and if you're short on space, a yoga towel can even be used in place of a mat.

In this guide, we've rounded up the best yoga towels, from various brands and multiple price points, so you can find the top options for you.

Best yoga towel ranking 2024

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