Best Fleshlight 2023: top options for whatever you're into

Take a look at the best Fleshlights & other toy alternatives to find the right one for you

best fleshlight: fleshlight Flight Pilot
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Looking for the best Fleshlight in 2023? Whether you're new to the world of sex toys and looking for something to get started with, or you're in search for new sensations, our guide to the best Fleshlights has something that'll fit the bill.

Assuming you haven't landed here accidentally, you'll probably already know what we're talking about, but for any avoidance of doubt, a Fleshlight refers to a penetrative sex toy designed to be used on a penis. It's a brand name, but, like Hoover and Sellotape, it's one that's come to represent all toys of that ilk. And it's widely considered to be one of the best sex toys for men.

Sometimes they're anatomical looking, sometimes they're not. Sometimes they resemble a flashlight (in which case, you'd better hope the wrong person doesn't happen upon it in a power cut), sometimes they're something absolutely unique. There's no right or wrong in the Fleshlight world – just what feels best.

If you're new to Fleshlights, there are plenty of ways to use a Fleshlight, whether it's to improve staying power, pleasure a partner, or just get yourself off; it's really up to you. Just make sure you heed our guidelines on how to clean a Fleshlight (yes, every time). With the majority of the big names in sex toys making their own unique versions, toys are getting better all the time, and there's no better time to get involved. But let's consider a few of your top Fleshlight options first.

Best Fleshlights 2023 ranking

Best Fleshlight alternatives

Fleshlight is a brand name, but has come to represent male masturbation aids in general. Here's our picks for the best fleshlights (with a small 'f') from different brands but with the same kind of idea.

What kinds of Fleshlights are there?

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'Fleshlight' has become something of a genericised trademark, given that it was the brand that really kickstarted the craze for male sex toys. But while there are a whole bunch of non-Fleshlight toys on the market, the company itself has plenty to offer in terms of variety.

The traditional Fleshlight design consists of a soft inner made of Fleshlight's SuperSkin material, inside a harder plastic case with an opening at the bottom for suction adjustment. That's the core of the majority of the company's products, but they very massively in terms of the way that design is applied: there are different openings, different canal textures, and different materials to try out. 

The range has plenty of anatomical reproductions, with vagina, mouth and anus openings designed for straight, gay or curious enjoyment. Fleshlight has also reproduced the parts of various porn stars of both orientations, which might help you get a bit closer to your favourite adult material. 

The point of a Fleshlight is to explore, and it naturally follows that there's a whole line of Fleshlight options which ignore realism in favour of pleasure. This includes options like the Flight Pilot, which has an opening designed specifically to just feel awesome, and the compact convenience of items like the Fleshskins Grip and the Quickshot.

And yes, Fleshlight is not the only fruit. There are male masturbators from other companies that take things even further: Tenga's range trends towards the geometric, so it's a great choice if you're looking for something more interesting, and others like MyHixel and Lelo are pushing the envelope in guy toys more in the electronic direction. 

How we test Fleshlights

Wherever possible, we request a sample of the latest Fleshlight or Fleshlight-style toy to test out properly by our experts. Reviewing is done by experienced sex toy reviewers who have used a range of Fleshlights and other male toys over the years and know what makes a great toy. Not only do we see how they perform on their own or with a partner, but we also see what the cleaning process is like and if it travels well... we cover all the basics!

Where we aren't able to get hold of a Fleshlight to test personally, but feel it's significant enough to include in a guide, we'll research around the product and read what other customers say about it, to put together a balanced blurb for you to make your decision based on. See how we test at T3 for more.

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