OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman: ‘Gaming was pricing some people out of the market’

Uhrman talks price hikes in console market and no Google Play on OUYA

The OUYA console has undoubtedly been making waves in the gaming community thanks to its lack of Google Play support and over $5 million in pledges

Julie Uhrman, CEO of OUYA the Android-console Kickstarter project has said that today’s ‘Gaming was pricing some people out of the market’.

Fighting back at the criticism that the nearly $6m-backed console would be entering a market that had no room; Julie Uhrman argues that rising prices and an elitist attitude is crippling the industry.

“For gamers, we witnessed prices rise with each console cycle. Gaming was pricing some people out of the market. I hate the idea of people not being able to enjoy great games because of cost.”

Despite the news that OUYA won’t feature the Google Play store, the Android-powered games console hopes to combat this by offering a more cost effective and developer friendly alternative

Uhrman believes this has not only been a long time coming but that it’s also the perfect time to offer something new.

“I grew up playing games on the TV and I don't think I'm alone in feeling that the console game industry has experienced a brain drain in recent years and some of the most talented developers have switched focus from the TV to mobile and social.”

“Game developers will say that there are just too many hassles in getting a game on to the existing console systems, the process is expensive and it’s very time and resource intensive.”

Uhrman’s project OUYA could already be well on the way to succeeding in finding its own niche space after having already received nearly $6,000,000 in backings.

More recently the company has confirmed that they’re already looking for a manufacturer with several companies bidding for the opportunity.

With award-winning designer Yves Bahar helping to create the look of OUYA it’s now just a matter of waiting for the console to finally make it into homes.