Google activating 200,000 Android phones a day

Eric Schmidt reveals astonishing surge in numbers

Figures come after global sales of Android phones rise 886 per cent.

Google’s Eric Schmidt isn’t shy about praising his own Android OS. And so it was with some glee that he announced to a gathering of tech hacks that the search giant is now activating 200,000 Android phones every single day.

The numbers are all the more impressive considering it was only in June that the Big G said it was activating 160,000 blowers daily. By comparison, Symbian managed to fire up 300,000 phones a day in the second quarter of 2010.

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However, when you consider Android was only just finding its feet in a year ago after a sluggish start, these numbers are mighty impressive. With Android 2.2 finally making its way into the wild and a string of new efforts packing Android 3.0 mooted before Christmas, Google is set fair to duke it out for smartphone OS top spot.

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Via TechCrunch