Lovehoney Fantasy Rose review: a fresh bloom of sex toys from the Rose range

Featuring both a clitoral stimulator and a G-spot vibrator, Lovehoney’s Fantasy Rose promises to be a multi-tasking marvel

Lovehoney Fantasy Rose review
(Image credit: Katie Nicholls / T3)
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The Lovehoney Group didn’t save on the blushes with its romantic gesture for Valentine’s Day, releasing three new iterations of its popular Rose clitoral stimulator. The Fantasy Rose promises both clitoral and G-spot satisfaction and while its success remains largely as an external stimulator via its pretty, petal-adorned bud, this floral-shaped toy punches well above its weight for a low-priced sex toy.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Super-soft, malleable silicone

  • +

    Easy navigation

  • +

    Long running time

  • +

    Aesthetically pleasing

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Noisy when not in contact

  • -

    Magnetic charging point not always secure

  • -

    Lacks innovation as a G-spot vibrator

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Lovehoney enjoyed a burst of romantic fervor before Valentine’s Day by releasing three new versions of its bestselling Rose clitoral stimulator. Fresh to the stable is the Fantasy Rose clitoral suction stimulator with G-spot vibrator, the Rose Glow 2-in-1 clitoral suction stimulator with egg vibrator and a Fifty Shades of Grey Black Rose silicone clitoral suction stimulator.

For those unfamiliar with the popular Lovehoney Rose, this clitoral stimulator is one of the many best vibrators on the market, sitting alongside top sellers, such as Womanizer Premium 2 and the LELO Soraya Wave. Rather than using vibrations, the Rose features Pleasure Air Technology to stimulate the clitoris with puffs of air. Air, sonic wave or pulse stimulators are fast becoming a favourite way for clitoris owners to enjoy an orgasm as users report a gentle yet intense experience without the numbness that traditional vibrators can sometimes cause.

As well as offering clitoral stimulation with its Rose bud ‘head’, the Fantasy Rose is a 2-in-1 sex toy that builds on the popularity of its precursor by providing internal stimulation as the ‘stem’ of the Rose is a flexible internal vibrator designed to stimulate the G-spot. Here's what I thought when I tried it for T3's Lovehoney Fantasy Rose review...

Lovehoney Fantasy Rose review: design & features 

Forget the lumpen designs of yesteryear, the best sex toys have made an aesthetic leap and contemporary products are often sleek, attractive objects that look like decorative accessories for the home, as well as tools of sexual enjoyment. The Fantasy Rose is no exception with its rose bud in full bloom supported by a smooth, petite stem. The petals of the rose bud gracefully gather to a central point that acts as the clitoral stimulator, while the G-spot stem gently shapes into a modestly sized bulbous end.

The Fantasy Rose is dressed in super-soft silicone that's incredibly supple to the touch and the handle is very flexible, allowing for a great deal of movement and adjustment. Kudos also goes to its ergonomic attributes as this is a well-thought-out toy that is easy to handle, whichever end you’re using.

With 19 different speed and pattern options, there is plenty of variation to play with here. The head of the Rose features six speeds and four patterns to sample while the G-spot stem boasts three speeds and six patterns. The stem measures up to 4.5-inches in girth with an insertable length of 5-inches.

With two control buttons – one for the clitoral stimulator and one to operate the G-spot vibrator, it’s easy to turn on/off and move through the options. USB rechargeable with a 55-minute run time, this fully waterproof toy also features a travel lock option to ensure there’s no unwanted rumbles in the suitcase.

Lovehoney Fantasy Rose review

(Image credit: Katie Nicholls / T3)

Lovehoney Fantasy Rose review: does it work?

Unlike a rabbit sex toy that can stimulate both the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously, the Fantasy Rose is an either/or option. Unless you are a contortionist, then this toy is designed to target the clitoris first and then the G-spot, or vice versa. 

On first sight, the layered Rose bud head looked questionable as a clitoral stimulator. Will the curves of its petals feel uncomfortable in such a sensitive area? Any concern was unfounded as this malleable, supple toy feels nothing but soft and silky and the head fits pleasantly over the clitoris with the petals acting as an aid to gently part the labia. As with all sex toys plenty of lube is essential so make sure the bud is well covered before use.

At its lowest setting the clitoral stimulator is gentle but as with many similar products, this is deceptive – it can deliver intense results fast and it’s unlikely that you’ll ever need to use its 55-minute run time. With six speeds to play with there’s a pace to suit everyone, but a note of caution: when in use, sound levels are very acceptable but if you’re running the Rose on top speed and not in contact with your body then it can make more noise than you’d expect from such a delicate looking toy.

Flipping the Fantasy Rose offers internal stimulation as the toy switches from clitoral stimulator to G-spot vibrator. With the best lube applied, this small to medium-sized vibrator is a breeze to insert and it’s easy to navigate through the speeds and vibrations while in use. It’s incredibly flexible giving users lots of options to find the right position, while the Rose head acts as a comfortable handle. Both the quality of the silicone and the manageable size makes the transition from clitoral to G-spot stimulation comfortable, stress-free and seamless – however, there’s also nothing extraordinary about it. With G-spot stimulators, such as Womanizer’s new OG, offering real innovation in internal stimulation, the Rose lacks imagination in this department.

Lovehoney Fantasy Rose review

(Image credit: Katie Nicholls / T3)

Lovehoney Fantasy Rose review: verdict

Swathed in bright red silicone with undulating rows of petals and a smooth stem, the Fantasy Rose is undeniably a pretty addition to a sex toy collection. Alongside its aesthetic credentials, the quality of the silicone makes it feel like a much more expensive toy and for a product that’s been priced at the lower end of the market it is a budget-friendly way to enjoy clitoral stimulation. The bud is well-designed and serves its purpose well, however, as a G-spot vibrator the Fantasy Rose lacks lustre. While it certainly won’t win any awards for innovation, it looks great, feels good and is a decent investment for a very acceptable price.

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