Isle Switch Pro inflatable stand-up paddle board review: beautifully made and very versatile

This fantastic package is for those who like to stand up, sit down and generally have fun on the water

Isle Switch Pro inflatable stand-up paddle board review
(Image credit: Leon Poultney)
T3 Verdict

This carefully crafted package offers one of the most versatile inflatable stand-up paddle board experiences around, with the option to mount a seat and additional paddle blade to turn it into a kayak, as well as the ability to bolt on an optional electric motor for serious aquatic adventures. Solid build quality, a premium finish and good on-water manners make it one of the most accomplished all-rounders we’ve tested in a while.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Slick looks and rigid build

  • +

    Versatility for paddling, fishing and more

  • +

    Good value for money

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not the fastest paddle board out there

  • -

    Overall package is large

  • -

    Be prepared to pump like a person possessed

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Not everyone can claim to be a pro paddle boarder, and for those in the early stages of mastering the art, it can be a wobbly, tiring and slightly embarrassing experience. 

The Isle Switch Pro inflatable stand-up paddle board is marketed at intermediate paddlers, but we’d argue it’s even more versatile than that. This kit also includes an inflatable seat and footrest that seamlessly straps to the board and transforms it into a smooth and stable kayak, making the Switch Pro one of the best paddle boards for beginners.

Although the notion of a kayak/iSUP crossover isn’t completely novel, as there are a number of other brands that offer something similar, US-based Isle has really thought this one through. 

For a start, the company uses what it calls Airtech Pro (hence the Switch Pro moniker) in the construction, which features InfinityFiber - a patented material used by the US Navy - that becomes more rigid when inflated and under tension.

This creates an extremely stable platform upon which to stand, but also offers the basis for a brilliant and impressively balanced base to attach said seat, strap a fishing rod or cool box to and head out for long days on the water.

You can probably tell from the glowing intro that we quite liked the Isle Switch Pro inflatable stand-up paddle board, not least because it proved large and strong enough during texting to dump the kids on and make long days out comfortable and more enjoyable. But there’s a whole host of reasons this should be on your shortlist, read on to find out why…

Isle Switch Pro inflatable stand-up paddle board review

Price and availability

Currently, the Isle Switch Pro is only on sale in the US and Canada, where it costs $995 (around £785), with the company stating that it is still working on wider distribution.

The previous generation Switch is on sale via the company’s European websites, and it still comes complete with the kayak seat, footrest and SUP/kayak paddle. 

Currently, that generation is on sale at €895 (around £765), which makes it pretty pricey compared to some of the top-level rivals, such as Red Paddle Company and Naish, for example. Plus, it doesn’t come with the threaded accessory mount and electric motor mounting pads.


  • Dimensions: 11’6 x 35.5” x 6”
  • Volume: 375 litres
  • Weight: 10.4kg
  • Max pressure:  17 PSI
  • Load carrying: Bungee, Isle Link System, threaded accessory mount 
  • Deck: Full length traction pad

Design and features

Isle Switch Pro inflatable stand-up paddle board review

(Image credit: Leon Poultney)

Sporting six-inch rails and a massive 35.5-inch deck at its widest point, the Isle Switch Pro isn’t going to trouble any racing SUPs when it comes to all-out speed and ease of paddling.

Instead, this has been designed for stability and those who perhaps like to take things a little slower but travel further during their days on the water. The solid platform is aided by Isle’s ‘InfinityFiber’ tech, which essentially becomes more rigid under tension.

This is part of the reason it only requires filling to 17psi, which is arguably on the low side considering the board’s size, yet it feels absolutely solid underfoot once up to that point.

However, don’t think you’re going to be let off pumping duties, because reaching those sort of psi figures remains an ordeal, despite the fact Isle throws in a decent dual-chamber pump in the package.

The design allows for air to flow in both the up and down stroke of the pump during the early stages of filling, but it can then be switched to s single chamber during the final stages.

We found that the screw-in pump handles felt a bit flimsy and the removable base of the pump was also a pain to get into place. Isle has deliberately made the pump modular to save space, but there’s a bit of a question mark over how long it will last.

It looks great though, especially in the Seafoam, Coral and Navy colours this review board came in. The branding is slick and all of the design elements make it feel like a premium proposition.

Build quality and ease of use

Isle Switch Pro inflatable stand-up paddle board review

(Image credit: Leon Poultney)

All of the items that come in the sturdy (and pretty large) Pro Series Wheelie Backpack feel like they are made from quality materials, particularly the adjustable carbon and fibreglass paddle.

Delve into the bag further and you’ll find a six-foot lightweight leash, which feels a bit flimsy compared to coiled versions, or the hardcore leashes that are sold in the best surf shops, but it does the job and reduces the amount of weight around your ankle. Plus, it lays flat on the board, so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable underfoot if you move around a lot.

The flex touring fin is enormous but incredibly easy to slot in place. It likely doesn’t have the same tracking abilities as fibreglass surf models, but this board doesn’t really need it.

Perhaps the coolest thing about the Isle Switch Pro is its ability to transform into a kayak thanks to an inflatable seat and footrest. These are inflated with the same pump but require strapping to Isle’s patent-pending Link system, which sees fabric tabs run the length of the board for strapping down all manner of accessories.

Transitionign to the kayak requires the seat and footrest to be strapped down to the Link system with the provided connector straps, which take a bit of time to fathom but are easy once you’ve done it a few times.

Isle has done a stellar job of including multiple grab handles (one at the nose, one in the centre of the deck and two at the rear), which makes hefting the thing around a lot easier. The board itself features welded rails, which eliminates the potential for air leakage and also strengthens the body.

Plus, there’s a bungee cord at both the front and rear for easily strapping down waterproof bags and luggage, while a fishing rod holder and the aforementioned Link system mean you can customise the load-lugging set-up as you please.

Oh, and there’s even a threaded accessory mount at the front that makes attaching GoPros and whatnot an absolute doddle. Most of these neat additions have arrived because of customer feedback and as a result, this feels like a very well thought out product.

Performance on the water

Isle Switch Pro inflatable stand-up paddle board review

(Image credit: Leon Poultney)

At 11’6” in length and a hefty 35.5” at the widest parts, the Isle Switch Pro isn’t the easiest thing to heft in and out of the water, especially if you have added the kayak conversion seat and footrest on dry land.

But once on water, it tracks beautifully, thanks in part to an enormous keel fin that comes part of the package. The adjustable paddle is lightweight and can be tailored to fit most user’s heights thanks to two points of adjustment. Plus it is robust enough for powerful paddle strokes. 

As we mentioned before, the deck itself is super stable and impressively rigid for something that only requires 17psi of inflation. The full length traction pad also makes it very easy to shuffle around on - or practise some yoga if that’s more your vibe.

The official Isle website states that it is perfectly suitable to ride tandem, and there’s definitely enough support underfoot for two adults. We managed to squeeze two kids on the front with very little impact on performance - the nose remained nice and flat, and there weren't any signs of “banana-ing” or excessive flexing in the deck.

The chunky six-inch rails also assist in stability, but the compromise with a board like this comes in the form of manoeuvrability. It’s certainly not something you want to take into the surf, nor is it the board upon which you race your mates up a river.

But Isle makes no bones about its uses and the Switch Pro is marketed as a platform to fish from (there’s even a place to hold your rods when not in use), attach a cool box to and generally go off exploring without any serious time constraints or fitness goals.

On the subject, there’s also the neat option to attach an electric motor and a battery pack, should you want to explore further or simply can’t be bothered with all the paddling lark.

Bixpy electric motor

In recent years, iSUP manufacturers have cottoned on to the fact that some intrepid explorers like to take their inflatable vessels on some pretty serious trips. Where human paddle power isn’t enough to facilitate these, users are turning to compact electric motors.

We first got our experience of this with a powerful Vaquita electric SUP motor we mounted to a Red Paddle Board and were blown away by its performance but felt the entire package was a bit clunky and cumbersome.

Isle has teamed up with fellow US brand Bixpy to offer a bundle that cleverly mounts a Bixpy K-1 electric outboard kit to the US fin box on the underside of the Switch Pro.

But things get even neater on the deck, where Isle has placed mounting pads that allow the user to affix the chunky battery pack, without worrying about a bird's nest of bungee cords to keep things in place.

It’s a neat solution and once in place, the Bixpy delivers a surprising amount of assistance that’s spread over numerous levels (controlled via a remote that can be worn on the wrist or strapped to a paddle), allowing you to dial in the exact amount of propulsion you need.

When riding in tandem - or with a couple of kids on the deck - the Bixpy motor does a great job of reducing the paddle effort required. In fact, we found ourselves really only using the paddle pole to assist with steering, allowing the electric motor to do the majority of the work.

What’s more, Bixpy offers over 20 different mounting options (we had to purchase the US fin box solution separately), so you can attach the motor to pretty much anything, as well as a steering pole kit that acts as a rudder when the Isle Switch Pro is in its kayak mode.


Isle Switch Pro inflatable stand-up paddle board review

(Image credit: Leon Poultney)

There’s a lot to love about the Isle Switch Pro, especially if you want your inflatable stand-up paddle board to act as a workhorse rather than something with all-out performance goals.

The chunky rails and rigid deck make it near impossible to tip over, while the numerous accessories and fixing points make it ideal for long days out on the water. Pair it with the Bixpy electric outboard, and you have a small inflatable boat at your disposal.

In fact, we started using the Isle Switch Pro as a portable ferry to get numerous people and picnic equipment over to a handful of remote beaches in our local area. With the added peace of mind of the Bixpy motor, the Switch Pro really can haul some serious kit.

Above all else, Isle has ensured the kit provided in its premium package is of top quality and built to last. A robust iSUP that’s built to last but doesn’t cost an absolute fortune.

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