Womanizer’s new sex toy uses 3D air technology for natural, quieter pleasure

The Womanizer Next offers natural, deep and quiet sensations in a stylish package

A woman in bed picking up the Womanizer Next from her bedside table
(Image credit: Womanizer)

Premium pleasure and sex toy brand, Womanizer has just announced the Womanizer Next, its new clitoral suction stimulator that elevates intimate experiences. Using 3D Pleasure Air technology, the new Womanizer Next is designed to offer deeper and more natural sensations that are as quiet as a whisper.

Womanizer is one of the biggest names in the sex toy world, and has become well known for designing and manufacturing the best vibrators on the market. Now, adding to its extensive portfolio of the best sex toys, the Womanizer Next is taking over as the brand’s new flagship product, and it sounds seriously exciting.

The standout feature of the Womanizer Next is its use of 3D Pleasure Air Technology, a reimagination of the brand’s original Pleasure Air Technology that was invented and debuted in 2014. Using changes in air pressure to create a sucking sensation to stimulate the clitoris, the Womanizer Next’s 3D Pleasure Air focuses on giving a more natural sensation during masturbation, which is still deep but less intense.

Compared to the 5-star Womanizer Premium 2 which pulses at a minimum of 20 pulses per second, the Womanizer Next uses its 3D Pleasure Air to pulse at a much slower rate. It can go as low as three pulses per second which allows for controlled pressure changes and gives users a customisable experience in keeping with their preferences and body’s responses.

With 14 intensity levels to choose from, the Womanizer Next can go from soft and gentle to powerful and intense at the touch of a button. For a more natural feel, the Womanizer Next has a new Climax Control feature that lets users change the depth of pulsation for the first time ever. There are three depths to choose from which change the intensity of your solo or couple play.

A woman lying in bed wearing nude underwear holding the Womanizer Next by her thigh

(Image credit: Womanizer)

But Womanizer hasn’t stopped there. The Womanizer Next also has an AutoPilot 2.0 mode which will alternate between depth and intensity levels to keep things exciting. In addition, it has an Afterglow option which resets the toy back to its lowest settings after you’ve climaxed.

Womanizer’s most advanced sex toy to date, the Womanizer Next is the brand’s quietest model yet. Designed for complete subtlety and silence, the Womanizer Next has subwoofer speaker technology built into its make up, so it’s whisper quiet and noiseless to use. And because Womanizer has thought of everything, the Womanizer Next is waterproof so you can enjoy it in the bath and shower – although if you want a shower-based sex toy, the brand launched the Womanizer Wave last year, the world’s first shower head masturbator in collaboration with Hansgrohe.

Launched in January 2024, the Womanizer Next is £199.99 and comes in three different colours. It’s available to buy now at Womanizer and Lovehoney. To save extra money on your sexy purchases, make sure to check out the best Lovehoney deals for this month.

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