Virgin Media reveals digital Christmas data statistics

Traffic hits peak of 1.6Tbps as families go digital this Christmas

Virgin Media has revealed statistics about data usage over the Christmas period with a 55 per cent increase in traffic over the same time last year

Virgin Media has experienced a 55 per cent surge in traffic this Christmas compared to last year as families use digital services like Netflix for their Christmas entertainment.

The internet provider has said that its busiest time was between 8pm and 11pm yesterday evening as people register and download updates and apps for new electronic devices.

At the peak of usage, the Virgin Media network was processing 1.6 terabytes-per-second, the equivalent to half a million families streaming The Snowman in HD at the same time.

The company also revealed the results of a OnePoll survey of 2,000 adults that revealed 47 per cent will use the internet to look at online sales while, 38 per cent will use social media to keep in touch with loved ones.

Virgin Media estimates that the peak usage on its network could hit 2.5Tbps by the end of 2014 if trends continue.