The Posh Shed Company has a new storage solution for golfers – yes, it's a shed

Fed up of storing your clubs in the boot of the car or in a dusty corner of the garage? The Club House could be the answer to your problem.

The Club House Golf Shed
(Image credit: The Posh Shed Company)

Attention golfers! Is your home being taken over by your ever increasing amount of golf gear? Perhaps your spouse is giving you ultimatums like “either those golf clubs go or you do” or maybe you’re a golfing family struggling to make space for all of your golf bags, golf balls and your best driver

If any of that rings true then this might be the solution to your problem: The Club House, by The Posh Shed company.

The Posh Shed Company are known for, you guessed it, their posh sheds. Prior to solving storage problems for golfers they made their name with innovative wooden garden shed designs, which are built to exacting standards to withstand all weathers with a cedar shingle roof and with a mortice lock for security.  

The Club House is built to those same exacting standards, the only difference being it is customised inside to meet the specific storage needs of golfers. They are on the expensive side but the trade off for that is because of the high end materials used and the build quality, you know this shed will last you a long time. 

The Club House Golf Shed

(Image credit: The Posh Shed Company)

The Club House is an adaptation of one of The Posh Shed Company’s most popular products, The Ludlow, and provides a novel storage solution designed exclusively for golfers. The interior has been configured to store everything a golfer needs in one handy place. There is space for three sets of clubs which are stored off the ground on a shelf to maximise air circulation. 

Underneath there is ample space to store a trolley, together with extra shelving for your best golf shoes, golfing waterproofs, GPS golf watches and that Garmin Z82 GPS range finder you treated yourself to last year.

Kay Frost, co-founder of the company, says The Club House introduction was prompted by friends who are passionate about the game and their clubs. She says:

“We know a number of very keen players and enjoy hearing their tall tales of golfing prowess. We were equally taken by their level of investment in clubs and clothing. When they told us that often this expensive equipment is often stashed in a corner of the garage or just as often a permanent fixture in the car boot it set us on the path to The Club House. We’ve adapted one of our most popular products, The Ludlow, and created storage shelving specifically designed to house everything the keen golfer needs.”

For a limited period, The Club House is available with free delivery and installation and a solar panel with lights representing a saving of £849, equivalent to 35% off the normal price.

Details of The Club House can be found at

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