T3 Quick Hit: Let's get wet: surf in style with wetsuits for every budget from Arena, Animal and 2XU

Everything from affordable newbie kit to full-on swell-chasing, ever-so-shiny surf fetish gear

Taking to the waves this summer? You'll want a new wetsuit to keep you warm, help you cut through the water, and really flatteringly emphasise your moobs and beer gut.

And we have four of the best for you, chaps…

First up, and perfect for beginners or those on a budget is Animal's Phoenix Wetsuit. Priced at £140, direct from Animal, the suit has plenty of awesome features including the front high zips, while the seal neck definitely improves comfort. 

The neoprene design includes extra flexible areas designed to help you paddle and react fast.

Next, we have esteemed wetsuit maker Arena, with an impressive new design that uses five different types of neoprene, cut shorter on the legs to make it easier to remove when exiting the water. The slick surface of the neoprene and the provided buoyancy improve hydrodynamics, reducing drag. 

There's an internal layer laminated with stretch fabric, while the whole suit uses a specifically distributed thicker neoprene to provide more balanced buoyancy profile in the water. 

The Arena Men's Tri-Wetsuit is available now from the Arena Swimwear Store for £220 in both small and medium sizes.

Getting serious, now, the 2XU Race Wetsuit (£350 direct from 2XU) is built with Yamamoto’s latest neoprene technology and SCS hydrodynamic silicone coating for maximum performance in the water.

Featuring new embossed concave water entrapment zones on the forearm and rollbar for added core support, this Race Wetsuit (pictured on the left) offers unmatched buoyancy and floating zip panels. Additional underarm and shoulder paneling maximize flexibility for a wetsuit that delivers on performance with every stroke.

Finally, there's the Propel Wetsuit (£550), also from 2XU. It's a premium design with super premium features, including a Nano SCS Coating that gives it an extra 4% buoyancy!

Featuring 2XU Intermediate Zone Stretch (IZS) panels and thin neoprene, this suit allows 'unrestricted movement, hydrodynamic stability and increased speed.' 

A 'concave water entrapment zone' and 'lower leg propulsion panel' also help you to power through the waves like a startled fish.

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