Oru launches upgraded fleet of foldable 'origami' kayaks

Collapsible kayaks you can fit in your car boot or sling over your shoulder

Man setting up Oru Kayak
(Image credit: Oru)

Oru Kayak, the brand behind the original box-to-boat kayak, has just released an entire fleet of updated foldable boats ready for summertime fun. These clever boats remove the major barriers to entry when it comes to kayak ownership – namely how to transport it, and where the heck to store it. Based on customer feedback, the updated packable boats are designed to be more durable, simpler to set up, and better performing on the water. 

The changes can be found across the full line. So there's an updated Inlet (the brand's breakthrough design), as well as Beach LT – a stable 12’ cruiser with spacious cockpit, aimed at beginners and intermediate paddlers – and the Haven, which can be set up as a tandem kayak for when you want to bring a paddling buddy along. 

Two people paddling in an Oru Kayak

(Image credit: Oru)

Edits include the introduction of new floorboards with increased rigidity, to improve on-water tracking and performance, and beefed-up footrests to make things comfier on long paddling sessions. A QR code that holds assembly instructions is now printed on each boat, so you don't need to worry about remembering a printed out copy. The tandem Haven also includes a stabilising cross bar that is compatible with universal track accessories like as fishing kits, cup holders and photomounts, opening up new possibilities. 

Man holding Oru Kayak on his shoulder

(Image credit: Oru)

The changes are inspired by Oru's 2020 Inlet; a revolutionary kayak that weighs 20lb and can be assembled, ready to hit the water, in under three minutes. The learnings from that project have fed into the updates for the rest of the range. "We designed the Inlet to be super accessible and easy to use. When it came time to update the rest of our product line, we took those lessons to heart," says Oru founder Anton Willis. 

The updated range is available to buy now. For more information, head to www.orukayak.com.

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