Which FootJoy Golf Glove is best for you?

FootJoy are the number one glove in golf and have something to suit the needs and budget of every golfer. But which one is best for you?

Footjoy Golf Gloves
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It may seem counterintuitive given their name, but FootJoy are top dogs when it comes to golf gloves. They're also the number one name in golf shoes, less jarringly, Don't believe us? Just look around the next time you are watching the golf on TV. So many of the top players will be wearing FootJoy golf gloves and shoes. So if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you, right?

Of course the gear worn by the professionals comes at a more premium price that won’t appeal to many casual golfers, but the good news is that FootJoy don’t just cater for the top end of the market. In fact, the best selling golf glove in the world is a FootJoy and it’s only a tenner.

The price of the best golf gloves whether they're by Footjoy or anyone else is largely dependant on the material used. FootJoy’s premium offerings are made from the finest, softest leather and feel incredible when you slide it onto your hand. They deliver a high level of performance but they will also need replacing much more quickly than a glove made from a synthetic material, which will be cheaper as well as longer lasting.

So that’s the choice you need to make. You can go for the luxury leather glove or a cheaper, hybrid version which will be part leather and part synthetic. In terms of performance on the golf course there is very little difference as they will all get the job done to a good standard. 

You may also want to consider specialist gloves for specific weather conditions. Some gloves are designed for the rainiest of days, while others will keep you warm when playing in the winter. Whatever your needs, FootJoy has the solution.

A golf glove is one of the most important - and perhaps most overlooked - items of golf equipment. Having the right glove for the conditions you are playing in gives you that feeling of security you need in order to perform to your best. The good news is, whatever your level, be it aspiring pro to Sunday hacker, FootJoy has you covered.

So without further ado, here is our literally 'handy' guide to FootJoy’s very best golf gloves.

FootJoy StaSof golf glove

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FootJoy StaSof

The professional's choice

Reasons to buy
+Popular with Tour players+High quality soft leather
Reasons to avoid
-Not as durable as synthetic material

Incredibly, Footjoy have been making this model since 1980, which let's face it, makes the StaSof golf glove Royalty. 

This is the most popular glove on the PGA Tour and it’s easy to see why. It’s a premium quality, all leather glove that’s incredibly soft and snug fitting. It moulds itself around your hand and fits like a second skin.

The StaSof is made from special APL (Advanced Performance Leather) by Pittards of London and is designed to retain its softness for longer while also reducing the effect of perspiration.

A very thin line of PowerNet mesh runs along the knuckles to allow the glove to stretch with your grip without straining the leather too much, and this mesh also helps with breathability. Further breathability comes from the rows of small holes on the front and back of the fingers as well as on the back of the thumb, ensuring your glove will stay dry even on warm days.

Gripping the club is effortless with the StaSof as it will hold it securely even with very little pressure applied.

Leather gloves are not always the most hard wearing but the StaSof is impressively durable and you will get several rounds out of it before you will need to think about replacing it. There are cheaper alternatives from Footjoy but in terms of the total package the StaSof leads the way.

Footjoy Rain Grip golf glove

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FootJoy Rain-Grip

Unbeatable in wet weather

Reasons to buy
+Stylish look+Performs superbly when wet
Reasons to avoid
-You might be a fair weather golfer

While some leather gloves will still perform very well even in wet weather, ideally you need a specialist to do the job and the FootJoy Rain-Grip is just the ticket when it’s chucking down. 

Made from a water absorbent micro-suede knit in the palm and fingers, the Rain-Grip also has QuickDry material on the back of the fingers so it dries out very quickly. This is a big advantage over leather gloves which once wet will remain so for the duration of your round and then need to be dried out at room temperature to avoid losing their shape.

You don’t get the same level of feel you’d get with a soft leather glove but that’s to be expected. This glove isn’t designed for that, its purpose is to give you a secure grip on the club in wet conditions and it certainly does that.

The Rain-Grip also has an easy access tee holder and a detachable ball marker which means that you don’t have to keep putting wet hands into dry pockets. This glove generally just makes golf that bit easier when you’re playing in wet conditions.  

This glove is also available as a pair, which won’t appeal to everybody as wearing two gloves for golf is a fairly alien concept, but if you are a golfer who isn’t put off by a gloomy weather forecast and who will get out there no matter what then it could be worth trying the two handed option.

Because of its low price (RRP is £12) this is something every golfer should have in the bag just in case the heavens open while you’re out there on the course.

FootJoy WeatherSof golf glove

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FootJoy WeatherSof

The world’s best selling golf glove

Reasons to buy
+Great comfort and durability+Terrific value
Reasons to avoid
-Not premium leather

The WeatherSof is the world’s number one selling golf glove which is no surprise when you look at the quality you are getting for the price. At just £10 this glove represents excellent value as it will give you performance, feel and durability. 

It doesn’t feel like a budget priced glove when you put it on, and it certainly doesn’t perform like a cheap one. The reason for the low price is the material used. It isn’t a high end, soft leather, it is made from FiberSof material which is less expensive but more versatile and durable than leather. You do get leather patches on the palm and inside of the thumb though.

So it does not feel as soft or luxurious as the StaSof for example, but it gets the job done in most conditions. As with most non-specialist rain gloves it won’t be ideal in a downpour but you can wear this in light drizzle without any ill effect.

Due to its versatility and price this is an ideal option for golfers who spend a lot of time at the driving range. You don’t really want to wear out an expensive leather glove just practicing, so the WeatherSof is the perfect solution as it’s very hard wearing and you won’t need to replace it for a good while.   

FootJoy HyperFLX golf glove

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FootJoy HyperFLX

A high quality all rounder

Reasons to buy
+Great breathability and moisture wicking+Soft feel and comfort fit
Reasons to avoid
-Durable for leather, but not as long lasting as synthetic

This is a swish looking glove that delivers on all fronts. You get tour level performance and feel at a mid-level price point.

Hand-crafted from a premium Cabretta leather, the HyperFLX feels a lot like the StaSof when you put it on. The main difference between them is on the back of the glove where, instead of leather, the HyperFLX consists of a high performance FiberSof material across the fingers and PowerNet mesh across the knuckles and back of the hand.

The elastic cuff is moisture wicking to prevent sweat from the wrist soaking into the glove while strategically placed perforations allow for excellent breathability throughout.

FootJoy GTXtreme golf glove

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FootJoy GTXtreme

The best value option

Reasons to buy
+Magnetic ball marker+Exceptional grip
Reasons to avoid
-Not as soft as some other gloves

The GTXtreme might be the most under-rated of all FootJoy's offerings. Its best attributes are its exceptional grip and impressive durability.

This glove stands up well in wet conditions while the high-tech design combination of FibreSof material and APL leather gives it great feel without sacrificing flexibility. 

Perforations in three of the fingers as well as in the thumb help with breathability and as with most other gloves in the FootJoy range the GTXtreme also features moisture wicking elastics in the wrist area.

The magnetic ball marker is a cool feature. Many gloves don’t have a ball marker at all, while others have a press stud marker which can be fiddly and awkward to get on and off, but this is simple to use and it’s a good size too. A very clever addition.

Available in men and women's sizes.

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FootJoy Pure Touch golf glove

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FootJoy Pure Touch

Experience pure FEEL

Reasons to buy
+Feels incredible+Tailored fit
Reasons to avoid
-Fairly expensive but not long lasting

The Pure Touch is FootJoy’s premium luxury glove. Made from the softest Cabretta leather the Pure Touch provides the most perfect fit as it essentially just moulds itself around your hand. 

It’s highly breathable and will keep your hand cool even on the hottest of days. It isn’t the most practical option as it lacks the durability of some other FootJoy offerings, but it is unquestionably the most luxurious.

FootJoy Spectrum golf glove

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FootJoy Spectrum

Stand out from the crowd

Reasons to buy
+Perspiration resistant+Comes in a range of bright colours
Reasons to avoid
-You might hate bright colours

The Spectrum is a high quality offering made from Cabretta leather which is specially tanned to resist water and perspiration while still retaining a soft feel.

The palm is leather while the back of the hand is microfibre and mesh, so you get a nice combination of softness, flexibility and breathability, all in a consistent fit.

The main reason you would choose to buy - or indeed not to buy - the Spectrum, however, is the array of bright colours available, including red, pink, purple, sky blue, navy blue, orange and pink amongst others. 

Available in men and women's sizes.

FootJoy WinterSof golf glove

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FootJoy WinterSof

Keep warm and snug in the depths of winter

Reasons to buy
+Excellent in wet conditions+Added warmth to keep your hands warm
Reasons to avoid
-Not ideal on warm days

Many golfers shut it down for the winter but for those who don't, the WinterSof is definitely something to consider. 

This glove shares some similarities with the Rain-Grip glove, most notably the auto-suede knit palm which delivers supreme grip when wet. 

The big difference between them is that the WinterSof boasts thermal qualities provided by the nylon construction and weather shield foam fleece on the back of the gloves which will keep your hands warm even on the coldest of days.

The WinterSof are sold only in pairs but the beauty is you can wear them away from the golf course too. They're ideal for running or other outdoor pursuits.

You certainly won't want to use these for golf in warmer weather though!