Best golf gift: 10 top presents for the golfer in your life

T3 rounds up a selection of perfect tech presents for the golf obsessed

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If you are struggling to find the perfect present for a golf obsessed chum or family member this year then look no further. Here at T3 Towers we've rounded up 10 of the best, most cutting edge, golf gifts you can buy today.

We've got swing trainers, we've got golf watches and we've got the latest, state-of-the-art distance finders. Simply put, we've got all the kit to make you or your gift receiver a better, more happy golfer.

Also, if nothing tickles your fancy here, then for more gifts for golf fans check out our best golf gear 2016 roundup.

SKLZ All-in-One Golf Swing Trainer

A very useful piece of kit here, the All-in-One Golf Swing Trainer helps the user train themselves to ensure they are setting up their swing correctly, helps to build core muscles for a better, more powerful swing, and even helps sculpt swing path for more consistent shots. The system is fully adjustable for golfers of any height and build too, and collapses down into a small, easily transportable package.

Golf Buddy BB5

The Golf Buddy BB5 is a wearable band that, through internal GPS tech, can display the distances to the front, centre and back of any green from over 37,000 international courses. And, what's more, it can automatically detect what course its user is playing on and what hole they are currently navigating.

The course/hole data is displayed on a large and bright 20 x 5 dot LED screen, which thanks to the band's Lithium Polymer battery, has a activity life of 10 hours between charges, allowing full days on the course without issue.

Oh, and the band is water resistant.

Zepp Golf 2 Swing Analyser

A really nifty piece of tech, the Zepp Golf 2 Swing Analyser, once attached to the user's glove, analyses the user's swing and then, via an iOS or Android app, provides an instant evaluation based on club speed, club plane, tempo, backswing, length and more.

Crucially, with the Zepp 2's Smart Coach, the user can then follow step by step training guides to adapt and perfect their swing, taking their game to the next level. And, what's great, is that the Zepp Golf 2 has a battery life of eight hours, meaning that a user can monitor their play for an entire day on the course or driving range.


Game Golf Live

Get your gift receiver to attach the small red tags to their clubs, clip the main unit onto their belt and then you can sit back and watch as their golfing game rapidly improves. The reason is that the Game Golf Live system will track their data shot by shot and hole by hole, sending the stats back to a companion app on their computer or phone for further perusal.

During that perusal, the user can get precise distances to greens, hazards and landing zones, can see their club distances and shot dispersion patterns, and consume robust metrics to pinpoint improvement opportunities.

They'll hardly ever shout "FORE!" again.

Garmin Approach S6

Garmin has a sports watch for just about everything, including this feature packed Garmin Approach S6 for golfing. There's built-in mapping for 38,000 international courses, it'll track your swing and it gives you tips on improving. Naturally, of course, it also interacts with Garmin's excellent Connect for Golf platform that allows its user to analyse, share, and compare their round with others.


Hawkeye 800-S Laser Distance Finder

The Hawkeye 800-S Laser Distance Finder by Longridge can measure balls up to 800m away, boasts coated optics, 6x magnification and +/- 1 yard accuracy. There's even a special one touch scan function installed that allows the user to pan a landscape while viewing a continually updated distance through the system's LCD distance display.

At least they'll be able to see how far away that bunker is before they shoot directly into it!

Price: £127.99 | Buy Longridge Laser Golf Distance Finder

If your middle name is "Moneybags" then you could invest in this tasty piece of golfing tech to help your significant other master the golf course. The Navigator Quad Gyro from MGI takes the whole idea of a powered golf cart to an all new, extreme level.

The buggy is not only motorised, but fully controllable with a directional remote control, allowing the operator to direct the cart forward, left, right and reverse. The key piece of advanced engineering though is the Navigator's Gyro anti-deviation technology, which allows the buggy - and crucially all its user's clubs - to remain upright no matter what terrain it is navigating.


Price: £1,573.62 | Buy Navigator Quad Giro

Garmin TruSwing

Another golfing gadget geared toward improving a golfer's swing, the TruSwing from Garmin is an advanced swing sensor that delivers measurement of metrics such as swing tempo, speed, club-path, club angles and more.

As you would expect, the TruSwing syncs up with a number of Garmin's Approach golfing watches, alllowing users to take a shot and then immedietely be able to check their swing metrics by glancing at their wrist. In addition, if the TruSwing is partnered with Garmin's flagship Appriach S6 golf watch (see above), then additional wrist-path data is also collected for analysis in a 3D animation.

The TruSwing attaches to any club's shaft just below the grip via a secure clamp mechanism that prevents it from slipping or spinning.

Mizuno Thermagrip gloves

Just because the days are getting sunnier doesn't stop it being any less chilly on the first hole of an early morning tee off. As such, these Thermagrip gloves from Japanese manufacturer Mizuno could be a perfect present if your golfing buddy gets nesh easily. The combination of leather palms and a flexible weatherproof upper creates a toasty warm glove that'll serve them well through those chilly mornings on the course or at the driving range.

Arccos Golf Real-Time GPS and Golf Stat Tracking System

And finally we have this rather premium stat tracking system from Arccos. This kit delivers both real-time GPS services and comprehensive golf stat tracking to its user, with Arccos' proprietary Tour Analytics platform providing "game-changing knowledge".

To quote the product's own marketing material "just pair, play, review and improve. It's that simple."