The best golf club sets for beginners: our pick of driver, iron and putter packages

Get into golf with the best value golf club sets around. When it comes to buying clubs, it's the 'fair way' (fairway)

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The best golf club sets for beginners

Like golf? You'll be wanting the best golf clubs, then. For beginners, the best bet it to buy a set, as it's both more economical and simpler. As you gain experience and become a crazed golf fiend who never sees their loved ones anymore because they're always on the course, you can always move on to buying clubs individually – most particularly, of course, your driver.

A golf club package set offers every club you’ll need to get you into the game and is a great option for new and improving golfers. 

So what will you find in a club package set? Typically, there’s a Driver, a Fairway Wood, Irons and a Putter. Each one offers up something different to the table; whether its distance, accuracy, forgiveness or all-round performance. 

As you become more familiar with the game, you can start to replace your set's driver. irons etc with clubs more suited to your style of play, but for now, buying the best golf club package set will get you on your way.

The best golf club sets, in order

1. Callaway Golf X2 Plus Hot Package Set

A great all-round golf set for those high handicappers

Best for: Performance
Pieces per set: 10
Comes with: Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter, X2 Hot Plus Iron Set (6-SW), X2 Hot Plus Driver, Fairway and Hybrid
Reasons to buy
+Covers all the essentials+Balances performance and forgiveness
Reasons to avoid
-Frequent players may want to spend more 

The perfect package to get you started, Callaway have produced a set that offers up a balance between forgiveness and skills development. When your swing isn’t quite there, the Driver, Fairway and Hybrid clubs get you the most out of your lack in power or slightly shoddy off-centre hit. 

The 6 irons will increase ball speeds for more accuracy over the longer shots and help you to combat launch angles, stopping power and sweet spots as you develop your skills. 

Putting is all about accuracy – the Odyssey White Hot Pro will give even beginners a more consistent sound, feel and performance, while the grip will help you to keep in the desired line. 

2. Wilson Deep Red Junior Age 12-14 Package Set

Start them out young with this set of junior golf clubs

Best for: Teens
Pieces per set: 7
Comes with: Driver, Fairway, 4 Irons, Putter
Reasons to buy
+Large sweet spots to help develop accuracy+Junior sized paddle grips
Reasons to avoid
-Will need a new set once skills develop 

When you’re young and just starting out, a little help along the way won’t go amiss. The Driver, Fairway and Irons in this package have been specially designed to aid in developing accuracy, with large sweet spots and over-sized heads. 

The Putter, too, has been given a unique alignment to help encourage greater accuracy. The golf set also comes with its own bag, which Wilson say should distribute the weight of the clubs evenly and improve endurance on the course. Reviewers seem to find this set perfectly fine for juniors, just bear in mind that it won’t offer up the same quality as an adult set. 

3. Cobra Golf XL Graphite Ladies Package Set

A feminine yet sporty looking golf set for entry-level lady golfers

Best for: Women’s entry level
Pieces per set: 10
Comes with: Hybrid (5h), 6-SW Irons, a Driver, Fairway (5f), traditional heel and toe weighted putter
Reasons to buy
+ Forgiving set helps game improvement+Low, back CG weighting for easier launch, spin and distance
Reasons to avoid
-Only available with purple colouring 

If you can’t beat them, join them. This high-quality graphite package set provides every instrument you need to get the most out of your first year on the golf course, so you’ll soon be taking notches out of that handicap and giving your golfing partner a run for their money. 

All the clubs in this set have been designed to make launch and distance easier to master. Cobra say the low, back CG weighting Irons will deliver the best combination of spin, launch and distance while the Hybrid (5h) should be more forgiving than a traditional long Iron. 

Cobra has even put thought into the bag, which has two insulated drinks pockets and a waterproof compartment, ensuring you’re well equipped for whatever the great British weather throws at you.

4. Ping Moxie Junior Kids Complete Golf Set 8-10 years old

A lightweight set developed especially for little players

Best for: Young junior beginners
Pieces per set: 7
Comes with: Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, 7 Iron, 9 Iron, 5 Iron, Putter
Reasons to buy
+Lightweight and optimised for small children+Comes with a carrier and stand
Reasons to avoid
-Quite expensive for a children’s set 

Ping products come with their own token of quality and you can tell with the pricing of this golf package set. Reviewing adults certainly agree that the quality is there, although the consensus seems to be that the bag is slightly lacking. 

Having said that, if you want a package of lightweight, easy to swing golf clubs that have been optimised to aid the development of skills in young golfers, you can’t really go wrong. There’s even grips to help juniors release the club properly and the light graphite shaft helps to make sure that even the dodgiest shots become airborne. 

5. Adams Golf Speedline Plus Package Set

A senior golf set from a reputable brand for advancing beginners - prepare to part with some cash

Best for: Senior golfers
Pieces per set: 11
Comes with: Driver, 3-Wood, 5-Wood, 5-Hybrid, 6,7,8,9, pw, sw, Irons, Putter
Reasons to buy
+Most forgiving+Improves intermediate games
Reasons to avoid
-Masculine appearance

What set should you go for when you’re looking to up your game? Adams are arguably the most forgiving on the market, with intermediate reviewers saying the attention to MOI and aerodynamics in the design of the set has improved their game. 

The Driver in this set has a low MOI, making it more stable and forgiving if you don’t strike the ball on centre, while the Hybrid Irons are easier to hit than regular ones. 

For the price, you’d expect a decent bag, and Adams has put a lot of thought into the design of this one. It's lightweight, easy to carry, and comes with a multitude of pockets and a rainy weather hood.