Best golf balls 2019: for putting, driving and owning the green

Improve your ball control and driving distance with the best golf balls from Titleist, TaylorMade, Vice and Callaway

Best golf balls: a man places a TaylorMade golf ball on the course

The best golf ball for your playing style could make an instant difference to your game and help you have a far more enjoyable time on the course. Put another way, if your golfing skills aren’t at the level you’d like, switching golf balls could give you the edge you need. And fast.

It's also a more affordable and easy shortcut to a better game of golf – minimum cost, minimum effort, maximum results on the green. What more could you want for a such a relatively small investment in your gear?

The big question is, where do you start when choosing the best golf ball for you? After all, there's a wide range of types aimed at different scenarios, seasons and types of golfer. There are also plenty of golf ball brands to pick from, with each offering something different to suit your individual playing style.

Don’t worry if it feels like you’ve opened a can of worms here, as we've done the research for you. Just scroll down to discover our pick of the best golf balls to enhance your game. 

But first, let's look at our current top pick, then find out how golf balls vary, so that you have an idea of which ones are worth investing your budget in.

Best golf balls

Our expert pick

  • When heading for a day on the green, arm yourself with a ball that delivers the right balance between power and accuracy. A harder one-piece ball is aimed at pro players looking for maximum power for long-range shots. A softer two-piece ball is more forgiving with less spin, helping beginner and intermediate golfers nail straighter shots.
  • From the tee to the putting green, the Titleist AVX is our current choice for the best golf ball. It's packed with plenty of aerodynamic tech for covering greater distances at speed, with a soft core and lower spin to ensure optimum shot accuracy.

Choosing the best golf ball for you

The main thing you need to think about when it comes to buying golf balls is 'squidge'. That doesn't sound very technical, but we're simply talking about the difference between soft and hard golf balls. 

A harder ball offers the best resilience to your impact, meaning all of the power is retained for longer drives. The trade-off is that while this enhances the power you put in, any errors will be more pronounced. 

A softer ball is more malleable to your club. This helps it absorb any slight errors you might make and offers greater accuracy, but at the cost of some power.

These differences are referred to as high spin (hard) or low spin (soft). Luckily you don't need to go with one extreme or the other, as there are many grades that let you pick the best golf ball for your game and style.

Do layers and dimples make a difference?

The one-piece golf ball, which has a single layer, is used for pure power. This makes it ideal as a range ball. But unless you're a pro, you'll want something softer with less spin for a full game. A two-layer ball is more forgiving and can be a good place to start for newbie golfers.

If you're a really good golfer, you'll be able to take advantage of a high spin golf ball for maximum drive power. Beginners should stick to low spin to ensure shots are straight. Anyone in between those two are best served with a mid spin ball that helps eke out distance from shots while also keeping them on target.

You may also notice dimple variations between balls. This is also a part of that power to control variance. A ball with more dimples will create less drag and travel further than one with fewer dimples, so it can be a good way to enhance your drive.

Expect some variation between brands, with Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway and others all offering something tailored to your style – and wallet. Let's now take a look at the best golf balls these brands have to offer...

The best golf balls to buy now

The best golf balls: Titleist AVX

1. Titleist AVX

The best golf ball with a high-tech performance

Quantity: 12
Dimples: 352
Handicap: Everyone
Colour: White
Reasons to buy
+Consistent ball flight+Great soft feel on all shots 

The new AVX ball from Titleist is a high-tech, high-performance golf ball. The reason it tops our best golf balls list is because it of the distance it provides, plus a soft feel through clever core, cover and aerodynamic tech. 

It’s a premium ball and price on a level with the Pro V1 and Pro V1x in all-round tee-to-green performance, but creates a lower spin and launch angle while still having the softest feel of the lot. 

The core is low in compression, allowing for high speeds and greater distances. Plus, the spherically-tiled 352 tetrahedral catenary designed dimples aim to create an optimal and consistent flight path.

The best golf balls: TaylorMade S Project

2. TaylorMade Project (S)

A great budget-friendly golf ball for beginners

Quantity: 12
Dimples: 342
Handicap: Beginner to intermediate
Colour: White, Yellow, Orange
Reasons to buy
+A driver’s ball+Reasonable feel+Great value

“Soft is slow without speed,” says TaylorMade, which is why they’ve produced the all-new Project (s) that aims to offers soft feel around the greens, but still with low driver spin and substantial driver distance. 

The dual-distance core in the Project (s) reduces  compression for softer feel while maintaining rebound and speed.  The outer core is a softer-resilient polymer that continues to improve feel and velocity. 

An aerodynamic ionomer cover, paired with TaylorMade’s high-lift 342LDP dimple pattern, decreases drag to increase distance. Overall, a great budget option for beginners likely to lose a few balls in the trees or lakes during their round.

The best golf balls: Titleist Pro V1 12

3. Titleist Pro V1

The best golf ball for distance, but with short game control

Quantity: 12
Dimples: 352
Handicap: Everyone
Colour: White
Reasons to buy
+Great all-round ball+No.1 choice for touring pros

Titleist likes to remind us that that the Pro V1 is the No 1 ball used by professionals on worldwide golf tours, but that it's a great ball for non-superstars as well.

The ball is manufactured to perfectly balance short game control without sacrificing good yardage from the tee. Whether it achieves that might be subjective, but our testers sing the Pro V1’s praises as a great all-round golf ball with consistent results.

This model is one of the most expensive in our round-up of the best golf balls, but if you have at least some level of skill it's worth the investment. If you're a total newbie, consider one of the cheaper options here to hone your skills first.

The best golf balls: TaylorMade TPX5

4. TaylorMade TP5x

The celebrity endorsed TP5x works for pros and amateurs alike

Quantity: 12
Dimples: 332
Handicap: Everyone
Colour: White
Reasons to buy
+Great for all styles of play+Good for green and tee

Famously used by former world No.1 golfer Rory McIlroy, who says: "I started hitting the TP5x ball and I was like, 'This is what I've been missing’."

Made with five layers, leading manufacturer TaylorMade intends for these balls to be compatible with every club in your bag, on the tee or the green.

A favourite in our best golf balls round-up, the TP5x's core supplies progressive compression to transfer as much energy from your swing to the ball. A dual-spin cover ensures accuracy when putting. 

You might find there's a little too much spin on the ball, but we think it’s a decent alternative to the Titleist Pro V1. 

The best golf balls: Vice Pro Soft

5. Vice Pro Soft

The best golf ball for increased visibility

Quantity: 12
Dimples: 336
Handicap: Beginners to intermediate
Colour: White, Lime, Red
Reasons to buy
+Optimal flight trajectory+Great value for a pro golf ball

The Pro Soft has been optimised for distance for serious amateurs who have a medium-to-fast swing speed. This is one of a range of premium golf balls by Vice, available at a lower price compared to similar spec models. 

Vice says the Pro Soft is the the first matte-finished cast urethane golf ball in the world, thanks to silicate particles in the lacquer, which creates an anti-glare effect when you’re addressing the ball. 

Improved visibility in the sky and on the ground is another reason why the Pro Soft has made our round-up of the best golf balls you can buy. Also, S2TG tech in the cover has created a very thin skin, which some reviewers say creates nearly as much backspin on iron shots into greens as top tour balls.

The best golf balls: Mizuno MP-S

6. Mizuno MP-S

This tough golf ball can withstand windy days on the course

Quantity: 12
Dimples: 330
Handicap: : Sub 15
Colour: White
Reasons to buy
+Easy way to improve+Relatively affordable

The Mizuno MP-S balls are aimed at better players whose game could do with a boost. With a three-piece construction, Mizuno's most responsive ball yet makes for controlled, accurate shots. 

There is still plenty of power and range to be had out of the MP-S thanks to the 330 dimple construction, which aids with flight. Such a high number of dimples also helps to keep the ball more stable in flight, making it great even in windy conditions.

The ball's outer layer is just 0.5mm thick which helps to further aid in ball speed. This makes this ball great driving off the tee for range as well as accuracy when struck just right. The outer is a refined urethane material which also helps to further increase the velocity of this ball in flight.

The best golf balls: Callaway Chrome Soft

7. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Weekend warriors, this is the best golf ball for you

Quantity: 12
Dimples: 332
Handicap: Everyone
Colour: White
Reasons to buy
+Made from super-tough graphene +Longer carry distance

For golfers looking for more distance without paying a premium, there’s Callaway's four-piece Chrome Soft, designed with a Graphene Dual SoftFast Core.

Graphene is the strongest and thinnest material on earth. At just one atom thick, it weighs a seventh of the weight of air yet is 200 times stronger than steel. 

This means that Callaway's Chrome Soft golf ball has the thinnest possibly outer core, and a larger inner core. That all works to enhance the ball’s speed, while it still retains a soft feel for around and on the greens. 

Thanks to aerodynamically designed Hex dimples, the Chrome Soft also provides longer carry distance off the tee and long shots into greens.