Google Chrome OS hits the skids

No mainstream launch this year, but ChromeBook could land in 2010

Acer boss says "consumer launch" coming next year as Google's new OS slips.

Chatter about Google Chrome OS being pushed back into 2011 has been flying round the web all week. And now it looks like the netbook-friendly system definitely won’t get a full launch until next year.

Acer’s Jim Wong has said that while his people are working on a so-called ChromeBook, it won’t be out until 2011, when Google plans to hold its “consumer launch”. However, recent stories about the OS getting a soft launch in 2010 have gained traction, with Engadget learning that Google will release its very own ChromeBook for “friends and family” this year.

Word is that this will be built by a third party, in the same vein as the Nexus One, although it’s likely to be for devs only. Google has confirmed that it’ll be making some kind of announcement before the year is out.

So, if you were hoping to get your own ChromeBook this year, it looks like you’re bang out of luck. Unless you’re a dev that is. Gutted? Or hoping that Google has applied the brakes so it can get it right straight out of the box? Let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages now.

Via Engadget