Iroha Petit review: a charming sex toy made from water

Disposable, biodegradable, pleasurable. Iroha is aiming to tick lots of boxes with this tiny toy

Iroha Petit review
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A disposable sex toy that’s also biodegradable? Yep, guilt can take a hike with Iroha’s budget one-time-use sex toy, the Petit. Make from 98% water, this little jelly-like plaything will simply disintegrate after use. As the name suggests, it’s petite and, like all Iroha products, aesthetically pleasing. The Petit delivers a safe and sensual journey into self-discovery, but the clock is ticking with this toy as its delicate constitution can take limited use only, so be quick!

Reasons to buy
  • +

    A safe way to explore

  • +

    Good for sensory play

  • +


Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Doesn’t last long

  • -

    Limited use

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Now that we're all a little bit more grown up and honest about self-pleasure, we can openly buy the best sex toys in high-street pharmacies, supermarkets and online stores. Another positive change in the sexual wellness industry is that sex toys no longer have to look like exaggerated versions of genitalia. In fact, this sector is vibrating (pun intended) with exciting new tech and design.

Japanese brand Iroha has carved a niche for itself by creating adorable, aesthetically pleasing toys. Often designed to look like everyday objects, such as snowmen, petals and shells, Iroha toys are as non-intimidating as they are pleasing to the eye.

The Iroha Petit is just as sweet as the other products in the Iroha range, but it is also unique, as this is Iroha’s first biodegradable disposable sex toy. Made from 98% water, once you’ve used it, throw it, and you’ll leave no trace.

Can a sex toy made from water perform well? Read my review to find out.

Iroha Petit review: price and availability

There are three Iroha Petit versions available: Plum, Lily and Shell which I tried in my review. All cost just £7, which might be the cheapest sex toy we've ever seen, and are available to buy at Tenga.

Iroha Petit review

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Iroha Petit review: design and features 

The Petit comes housed inside what looks like a small jelly pot. Peel the lid, tip it to empty the excess water inside, squeeze and the Petit simply pops out. It’s worth being a little careful as you squeeze... yank it and it can tear.

This sex toy is small. Measuring in at 36 x 53 x 53mm it sits snugly in your palm. It comes in three designs: Shell, Plum and Lily and each are shaped and grooved differently for a choice of sensations. There is a handle at the base that slips in between your fingers allowing you to move the Petit over your pleasure zones.

If it’s made from 98% water, what’s in the 2%? The answer is (largely) agar, a natural gelatine-like product that’s used as a thickening agent. The result is that the Petit looks and feels like a firm jelly. It’s tough enough to hold and move across the body but not substantial enough to take any force.

One of the biggest selling points of the Petit is that it can be used as part of temperature play. As it’s mostly made of water you can warm it up for use in the bath or cool it down in the fridge. The Petit is, says Iroha, aimed at vulva owners. However, we all have skin and pleasure zones, and the Petit does not need to be restricted by gender definitions. 

Iroha Petit review: performance

Iroha says the Petit is aimed at those who want to take their first steps into self-pleasure. It’s certainly an easy, budget-friendly, and non-intimidating way to explore erogenous zones as it glides across the skin. I also tried adding a little lube to it, which certainly added to the slick, sensuous feel. 

As someone who enjoys temperature play, I was keen to test out this USP. Putting it in the fridge for an hour before use gave it a nicely chilled feel. Not as cold as an ice cube but enough to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, slowing down the heartbeat and creating a sense of calm. As it doesn’t melt there’s no pool of water to deal with either. Warming a Petit in the bath was less successful as its sensory impact got a little lost amid the temperature of the water.

Iroha is correct to pitch this at customers who are looking for the gentlest sensory experience, regardless of whether you are new to sex toys or not. It would work well as part of your armoury in edging and temperature play sessions, albeit with a caveat: the Petit does not have longevity. Even with the greatest care this toy will not last longer than 15 minutes. After a short time, the substance tears and needs to be thrown away.

Iroha Petit review

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Iroha Petit review: verdict

Soft and small, the Iroha Petit is an unpressured way to explore pleasure. Beginners or those intimidated by the idea of bigger, faster sex toys will certainly enjoy it, as will anyone who likes sensual touch. Soft and supple it glides across the skin. What’s not to like?

It's a short-lived joy however, as this toy doesn’t last long. The Petit trio are delicate so it would be wise to invest in more than one at a time. Disposable toys have always been a big ‘no’ from me due to the negative environmental impact, so this biodegradable version assuages any guilt.

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