Iroha Mai Tsuru review: Iroha’s latest vibrator that plays with haptic technology

The Japanese sex toy brand, Iroha, introduces its first vibrator using HapticWave technology, and it has a little surprise for music lovers too

Iroha Mai review
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T3 Verdict

The Iroha Mai Tsuru is a first for the Japanese brand as it uses HapticWave technology to convert low-frequency soundwaves into low, rumbly vibrations. Very pleasant it is too, thank you, Iroha. The 10 settings, which have been inspired by music is also a nice touch. On the downside, the Mai is a little lacklustre when it comes to power and is more ‘gently does it’ then ‘easy tiger’. A great toy for sensual sessions, nevertheless.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Very good quality silicone

  • +

    Extremely quiet

  • +

    Fun settings to play with

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Lacking power

  • -

    Smaller than many G-spot vibrators

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Sex tech is big news. Those who enjoy the journey of self-pleasure have come to expect toys to look and feel like sophisticated pieces of equipment. From LELO’s innovative WaveMotion technology to Womanizer’s revolutionary Pleasure Air, the best sex toys offer much to the consumer these days.

The Japanese brand, Iroha specialises in toys for vulva owners. It has a reputation for selling high-quality products that look and feel beautiful, and now it joins the sex-tech revolution with the Iroha Mai, featuring haptic technology called HapticWave.

Haptics is an everyday technology that recreates the sensation of touch via a device. For example, your mobile phone uses haptics to alert you to a notification, or the ‘buzz’ of a game controller is another common use. It’s not new to sex toys either – remote controlled devices (or teledildonics) use haptics, for example. Nevertheless, it’s the first vibrator in the Iroha camp to feature it and this marks a tech progression for the sex-toy brand.

How much of a buzz is this vibrator for sex toy users? And is it worth the £170 price tag? Read on for the full review.

Iroha Mai Tsuru review: price and availability

There are two versions of the Iroha Mai. The peachy Iroha Mai Toki and the white Tsuru, reviewed here. The latter is £170 and available to buy at Tenga. The price is pretty premium, and a lot higher than other best vibrators on the market.

Iroha Mai review

(Image credit: Katie Nicholls / T3)

Iroha Mai Tsuru review: design and features

It's an undisputable fact that Iroha designs beautiful products. Its toys are shaped to look like non-sexual objects, such as shells, birds or petals. Adorably delicate designs are its forte and the Mai is no different. It looks and feels magnificent. Gently curved and crafted in the softest of silicone this is a pleasantly tactile toy that sits comfortably in the hand. It’s also been designed with an anti-dust protective coating to help keep it clean.

The biggest selling point of the Mai is the HapticWave technology housed within, which converts low frequency soundwaves (40-70 Hz) into vibrations. The result, says Iroha, is deeper, more three-dimensional vibrations that you would get with a traditional vibrator and a rotational motor. 

Another unique aspect of the Mai is its 10 sound-wave patterns. What’s so different about that you may well ask. Well, each pattern has been inspired by a rhythm, pulse or music-based vibration in a bid to create sensations that resonate with the human body. Waltz, Fast Tapping, Lively Beat, Drum beat and Water Sounds, for example.

Alongside the 10 settings are three levels of intensity and vibration strengths: Low, Mid and High. Hold down the top of the two buttons to switch on/off and to rotate through the settings. Hit the button below to choose intensity.

Iroha Mai review

(Image credit: Katie Nicholls / T3)

Iroha likes to store its sex toys in style. The Mai comes with a neat charging solution that also acts as a stand and the base for a stylish box that can be discreetly packed away. This waterproof toy is powered by a USB cable, and it has a charging time of 90 minutes giving approximately 60 minutes running time at full power. It’s a little petite in size for a vibrator, measuring up at 33 x 174 x 33mm (D x W x H).

While its aesthetics are certainly charming, how does it fare as a vibrator?

Iroha Mai review

(Image credit: Katie Nicholls / T3)

Iroha Mai Tsuru review: performance

Like all Iroha sex toys, simplicity rules. The design of the Mai makes it a dream to hold and maneuver and this is important with any sex toy that needs to be inserted. Ergonomically designed angles are gratefully received if you own a vagina. The Mai is easy to position, albeit as with all sex toys, lube is important. The Mai’s moderate size is another advantage for those looking for a gentler experience, while the two-button operation is equally a breeze.

As promised Iroha’s HapticWave technology delivers low, deep sensations. Compared to the crude buzzy rumble of an old-school, motor-based vibrator the Mai is a much more intuitive sensation that feels closer to the natural vibrations of the body.

The 10 settings are also a joy. It’s worth holding the Mai up to your ear and running through the selection before you use it, purely for the pleasure of ‘hearing’ these music and rhythm-based settings. My favourites were the insistent rhythm of Setting 5, Drum Beat and the chilled flow of Setting 8, Relaxed. With many vibrators it’s hard to distinguish between the settings. Not so the Mai, as each has a distant feel, sensation and sound.

All looking good so far. But sadly, there is a flaw. The Mai lacks muscle when it comes to intensity. Unless you enjoy the mildest of sensations then I would recommend skipping straight past the Low vibration strength as it’s almost imperceptible. Even the High strength could benefit from more delivery.

Its lack of power does mean that the Mai sounds as discreet as it looks. You will not hear a peep as it quietly and diligently gets on with the job. It’s easy to clean and the charging base/storage keeps this toy tucked away unnoticed until you reach for it again.

Iroha Mai review

(Image credit: Katie Nicholls / T3)

Iroha Mai Tsuru review: verdict

The Iroha Mai sits at the luxury end of the sex toy market when it comes to price. Its appearance and the quality of the silicone certainly go some way to justify this. The unique and distinct range of music-based settings are a wonderful surprise and fun to play with, while the HapticWave produces enjoyable vibrations that are low but not harsh. 

Iroha specialises in delicate sex toys that look and feel sublime, and this is what you get with the Mai. This sex toy would make a great choice for those beginning their journey of self-pleasure. If you enjoy the softest sensations you will also get a lot of pleasure from this sensual toy. However, if you are driven by more powerful vibrations and you are looking for intensity then this is not the toy for you.

Katie Nicholls

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