Where to buy a thermometer: check for a fever at home

Here's where to order forehead thermometers or digital body thermometers for your home first aid kit

where to buy forehead thermometers
(Image credit: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash)

Want to know where you can still buy a thermometer? As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, there's a big rise in demand for thermometers right now – and forehead thermometers in particular, which use infrared sensors to measure temperature without having to make contact with skin. One of the common symptoms of coronavirus is a fever, and investing in a medical thermometer for your home and help indicate raised temperature. 

We have a dedicated guide to the best thermometers, but stock levels are looking seriously depleted. Here's where you can still buy thermometers, including forehead thermometers that don't require bodily contact with the person whose temperature you're checking. These are all available to deliver (find out more about the UK coronavirus lockdown). 

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Where to buy thermometers in the UK

Decdeal non-contact forehead thermometer | £59.99 at Amazon
This Decdeal forehead thermometer uses infrared scanning to gauge temperature without needing to touch the person being scanned.
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Braun ThermoScan 7 | £49.99 at Superdrug
This is one of our top-rated thermometers. It's geared towards use with children, but suitable for adults too, and takes temperature from the ear. You can add age information (0-3 months, 3-36 months, or 36 + months).
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Forehead thermometer | £39.99 at Amazon.co.uk
Get accurate infrared readings with no contact required using this forehead thermometer, available at Amazon. Suitable for babies and adults. Here's a similar option for the same price.
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Digital body thermometer | £9.99 at Amazon
This lightweight thermometer is available to buy at Amazon.co.uk today. It's suitable for children or adults, but does require contact (oral, rectal, or in the armpit) to work.
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Where to buy thermometers in the US

Dreamer forehead thermometer | $69 at Sears
This forehead thermometer is available to buy at Sears Marketplace. It's suitable for use on children and adults, and you can use it to take temperature on the forehead or in the ear.
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LCD digital thermometer | $17.98 at Amazon.com
This thermometer is designed for use in the mouth, rectum or armpit. It's suitable for babies, children and adults, and promises fast, accurate readings. If you want a no-touch forehead thermometer, you'll need to spend a little more.

4-in-1 forehead thermometer | $95.99 at Amazon
This forehead thermometer includes a fever alarm, and can be used on adults, children or babies. There's a silent mode and no-touch infrared option, so you can take temperature of infants without bothering them. You can also take temperature in the ear. 

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DaMohony Digital Body Thermometer | $11.99 at Amazon.com
Pick up a DaMohony Digital Body Thermometer, with flexible tip, at Amazon. Use it to take temperature from the armpit or mouth. There's also a fever alarm built in.