Where to buy face shields and visors

A face shield is an easy-to-clean, less restrictive alternative to a fabric covering. Here's where to order one right now

Where to buy face shields
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Want to know where to buy a face shield? Read on. Increasingly, people are opting for face coverings when they have to leave the house. One option is a fabric mouth covering – for one of those, see our guide to where to buy face masks – but others might prefer a face shield or visor. 

There are a few benefits a clear plastic face shield offers over a fabric mask. For a start, they're much easier to effectively clean and reuse – all you need is soap and water, or a household disinfectant. They form a barrier that stops the wearer from easily touching their own face – another important preventative measure during the current pandemic. A face shield is often more comfortable than a mouth mask, which can feel restrictive. Finally, speaking is less impaired, and your facial expressions remain visible, which means you might be less inclined to pull it down when speaking.

If you do decide to wear one, make sure you're still observing social distancing and hand washing rules (here's where to buy hand sanitizer). Read on for a guide to where to buy a face shield right now, in the US and UK. 

Where to buy face shields in the US

Where to buy face shields in the UK

There's no solid research right now on how effective different face covering methods are in preventing the spread of infection, although a study by physicians from the University of Iowa (opens in new tab), reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association  (April 29), states that "face shields may provide a better option" than cloth masks. "In a simulation study, face shields were shown to reduce immediate viral exposure by 96% when worn by a simulated health care worker within 18 inches of a cough."

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