This foldable Hover Camera can fit in your pocket or follow you around

The Zero Zero Robotics drone weighs only 238g

Chinese startup Zero Zero Robotics has just unveiled its latest creation, the Hover Camera. And while it might not look like much at first glance, the diminutive device offers two features you don't often find in the same drone - a camera for capturing high-res shots and footage alongside the ability to fold up for easy portability.

At just 238 grams, the Hover Camera is pretty waif-like but that lightweight design means its four brushless rotors can keep it in the air with ease. There's no analogue controller - instead, you control your floating little friend with a bespoke app that also broadcasts live footage (which includes 4K for all you quality snobs).

Better yet, it's got that all-important 'follow me' feature that will see the plucky drone track your movements - perfect if you're into capturing footage with an aerial twist. You'll just have to make sure you're linked up to a Wi-Fi hotspot to make the most of these cool features.

Each full charge wil net you eight minutes of flight time and footage gathering, but you can easily replace the rechargeable battery at the top with another so sessions can be extended with a handful of backups.

There's no news on a price for the Hover Camera as yet, but Zero Zero Robotics has indicated that a figure somewhere close to the $600 mark is where its aiming. It's a little pricey, but for a product offering both portability and tracking software, the Hover Camera will certainly be turning heads when it arrives later in the summer.

Via: Zero Zero Robotics

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