The best Ancestry DNA Black Friday deals of the day

Find out your ancestry with AncestryDNA testing kids, now with Black Friday deals and discounts

Ancestry DNA Black Friday deals 2020
(Image credit: AncestryDNA)

Knowing about their ancestry is important to a lot of people and rightly so, it gives a sense of perspective on our cultures and histories that can often be missed through family trees. Finding out your ancestry is pretty simple these days, too, with AncestryDNA offering an at-home kit with some big Black Friday deals.

The AncestryDNA testing kit does what it says on the tin: you order the kit, follow the instructions, send it back to them and receive your results in roughly 6-8 weeks. Once you get your results, you can see loads of information, like ancestral movements, ethnicity, DNA matching, and more. 

Privacy is a priority for AncestryDNA, who use industry-standard measures to ensure that your DNA is safe and secure, used only for the intended purposes. You can then take control over your data with an easy-to-use dashboard. 

We've compiled the best AncestryDNA Black Friday deals, updated all weekend.