LELO’s new male sex toy is more interactive and AI-driven than ever before

LELO launches third version of the F1S sex toy that works to improve its performance after every use

Lifestyle image of the LELO F1S V3
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The LELO F1S V3 is the newest generation of its popular male sex toy. It has seven vibration settings and can be connected to the LELO app for more personalised pleasure and modes. Its AI interactive mode adjusts itself to your preferences to improve your experience after each use.

Available in standard or XL sizes, the LELO F1S V3 is available to buy for £219.

Swedish sexual wellness brand, LELO has just launched a new male sex toy that’s more interactive and AI powered than ever before. Adding to its popular F1S range, the F1S V3 and F1S V3 XL have multiple pattern and vibration settings to choose from, including an AI interactive mode that works to personalise your pleasure experience.

The F1S V3 is the third version of the best sex toy for men from LELO. This next generation of the toy has two times more power than its predecessor, and more uniquely designed programmes and settings, making it LELO’s most innovative toy to date.

Described as a ‘vibrating male masturbation sleeve’, the LELO F1S V3 has a similar design to that of the best Fleshlights. Made using special liquid silicone, the LELO F1S V3 has flexible ribs that cover the inside. The material mimics the feel of a vagina, so you’re getting a more realistic and intimate experience. The ribs also work to eliminate air pockets so the toy doesn’t make any unwanted noises when in action, and it better adjusts to your shape.

The LELO F1S V3 has seven pleasure settings to play with, four of which are pre-programmed on the toy. The other three can be unlocked when you connect it to the LELO app. Using the LELO app, you can take advantage of the performance feedback sensor which is embedded in the LELO F1S V3.

The LELO F1S V3 in red and teal on a white background

(Image credit: LELO)

What the sensor does is it emits real-time information via Bluetooth to the LELO app, based on the LELO F1S V3’s movement. With the new special AI interactive mode, the app processes this data and syncs the motor’s intensity and motion response to elevate your pleasure.

The LELO F1S V3 is a recent addition to the LELO line-up and was launched alongside the Masterbitter, a limited edition collaboration between LELO and Great Beyond Brewery. The new (and delicious) beer has been developed as a way to end the stigma around male sex toys, after research revealed that 46% of British men have used a sex toy but 56% of them said they wouldn’t admit it to their male friends.

The result is the Masterbitter which is designed to encourage men to have open and honest conversations around male pleasure with their friends. The limited edition Masterbitter can be bought exclusively at Great Beyond Brewery tap rooms.

The LELO F1S V3 is available in normal and XL sizes, and you get a choice of a teal or red colourway. You can buy it now at LELO for £219.

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