Fleshy releases sex toy that focuses on an overlooked part of the male body

The Fleshy Rumble takes orgasms to new heights with vibration and heating features

The Fleshy Rumble on a light blue background
(Image credit: Fleshy)

US-based male sex toy brand, Fleshy has just launched its latest sex toy that focuses on an overlooked and underrated part of the male body. The Fleshy Rumble is described as the ‘ultimate game changer in the world of men’s pleasure’ and offers six vibration modes and an internal heating system for exciting play.

Looking at the Fleshy Rumble, it doesn’t look too dissimilar to that of the best Fleshlights. Available in a black and red colourway, the Fleshy Rumble has an almost triangular shape, with one end closed and other acting as an opening. The buttons on the side control the power and different vibration and heat modes for whatever sensation you’re going for.

What sets the Fleshy Rumble apart from other other sex toys for men is it focuses on a different part of the penis to introduce men to a new type of orgasm. The Fleshy Rumble focuses on the frenulum, the small piece of skin that connects the foreskin to the penis, a part of the body which Fleshy states is underestimated and overlooked.

The frenulum is extremely sensitive and therefore often unexplored by men. But Fleshy has designed and developed the Fleshy Rumble so it works by stimulating this area in particular. The new sensation is being described as an ‘F spot’ orgasm and many testers have reported that they’ve experienced little to no sensitivity while using the Fleshy Rumble and reaching climax.

The Fleshy Rumble on a white background

(Image credit: Fleshy)

The Fleshy Rumble has six sonar-like vibration modes to choose from, each varying in intensity. The vibrations enter the penis from 360-degrees to create a ‘creeping’ feeling of pleasure from base to tip.

Alongside the vibration settings, the Fleshy Rumble also has an internal heating system. Its rapid heating mode can reach up to 42°C for an even more pleasurable experience. It's also waterproof so it can be used in the shower or bath, and is easy to recharge and travel with.

As the frenulum is an extremely sensitive part of the body, it’s interesting to see a sex toy that caters to this, but it does beg the question whether men will buy it, due to its fragility. But after hearing how testers have gotten on with it, the Fleshy Rumble could be the new male sex toy to spice up the market.

The Fleshy Rumble is available on the Fleshy website for $89.

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