Adidas Frostguard is the ultimate insulated jacket for your golf game

Come cold or rain you will get out to the green with this all-round performance jacket from Adidas

Adidas Frostguard Insulated Jacket
(Image credit: Adidas)

If you're a fairweather golfer then you may want to leave now as this Adidas FrostGuard jacket is built for those that get out on the green no matter what the elements are doing. 

Thanks to an insulated soft fleece lining for the sleeves and a quilted down insulated body, this jacket feels like you're still in your duvet - but with the added bonus that you get to play golf feeling that way rather than being sat at home. 

The quilted duck down explains why this isn't the cheapest of jackets as that natural quality means great insulation to stay warm but also breathability so you shouldn't get too hot either. The result should be a steady temperature no matter if you're stood about waiting to tee off or lugging your bag up a steep slope.

The finish is water-resistant so you should be able to get away with playing on in a light shower without needing to reach for the outer shell jacket right away. 

Adidas Frostguard Insulated Jacket

(Image credit: Adidas)

Adidas has used knit side panels when constructing this jacket so as to make sure you have freedom of movement. 

Should you start to feel the weather or want to keep the wind away, there is a stand up collar to offer an extra level of protection from the elements.

Head home and you can machine wash the jacket on a cold and delicate cycle so even if you do sweat when reaching your best game, you won't need to worry.

The Adidas Frostguard Insulated Jacket is available now in black. 

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