Best posture corrector 2023: keep your spine in shape & banish back pain

Discover the best posture correctors of 2023 to stop you slouching and avoid neck, back and shoulder pain

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The best posture corrector of 2023 could be the thing you need to sort out ongoing back, neck or shoulder pain. It's all too easy to spend a lot of time hunched over a computer or simply slouching, which in combination with bad sitting habits, can get our spines into unnatural positions. This can lead to unnatural pressure on joints, muscles and vertebrae, resulting in pain and discomfort across our backs.

If you're suffering from these issues, a posture corrector can re-educate your body into adopting more neutral and natural standing and sitting habits to get your spine into a healthier position and see off discomfort. Most posture correctors are vests or wearable straps that'll gently shift you towards an improved posture, however there are also advanced technological options that monitor your position and nag you if you start slouching. Not every solution will work for everybody – our guide to how (and if) posture correctors work can explain the specifics – and of course, we're not doctors, so if chronic back pain is making your life a misery, speak to your GP.

There are other ways to improve your posture and sort out spinal alignment beyond opting for a posture corrector, and a variety of strategies could improve your chances of straightening yourself out. Having the best mattress along with the best pillow can help give your spine the right amount of support and alignment, while during the day, the best standing desk or one of the best office chairs can help keep you on the straight and narrow, posture-wise.

Many of the best posture correctors don't cost much at all, while others can be a little more expensive, as you'll see below. Read on for our top picks of the best posture correctors.

Best posture correctors ranking 2023

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